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2 month late period, negative hpt's am I pregnant?

I am 19 years old. I have had very regular periods for the last two years always have a period between 28-35 days. My last period was 9/24/05 and I have missed the period for October and the one for November is approaching. I have been having unprotected sex with my fiance' since August where he has ejaculated on many many occasions, I think every time we had sex, inside of me. Instead of my period, about a week and a half after my missed period for October, I had a few spots brownish discharge ( like spotting for your first period ever in life) which lasted a couple of day but was not present at every bathroom break and mostly only seen when I would wipe, looked like old blood. A few days after that I had a very light pink discharge on my tissue a and again a couple of days ago. All of the HPTs that I have taken came back negative. I was pregnant in January but was unable to carry the baby to term, my breast are bigger than ever, but are not very tender like the first time but just a little tender, I have lots of movement in my stomach,headaches, frequent urination, and fatigue. I feel the way I do now the way I did then except for I had very  bad mornig sickness then. My fiance' belives that I am pregnant and should have an ultrasaoud, he really wants a baby and so do I since our first child didn't make it someone help me or if you can relate write back thanks!
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You would need to see a doctor to find out what's going on.  It isn't going to matter what anyones opinion is about the issue.  

Go to a doctor.  If you can't afford one, try PP or your local health dept.  Good luck.
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If you're 2 months late for your period and getting negative hpt's then I highly doubt you are pg.  I'm sorry, but it's highly unlikely that a hpt would be wrong at this point.  

Sounds like you need to follow Christie's advice and see your doc - he'll give you medicine to jumpstart your period.

Good luck!!!
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A doctor told me that you could still be pregnant with negative tests. I have been on a forum on pregnancy.info-net and their are a lot of women who have taking blood test, urine tests, and hpts and they were negative and still had babies. Go do a ultrasound that is the only way you will find out for sure. Good Luck. Do not take any pills until you find out.
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Ive read that spotting/bleeding is common during pregnancy, so you could still be pregnant.  If you're stressed out over this, then that could also be a factor delaying your period.  You should talk to your doctor as soon as possible.  Oh, and I think ultrasounds are traditionally done during the third trimester and not this early into pregnancy but i could be wrong.
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im in the same situation as you!! my period was supposed to come on october 30 but it didnt and its getting close for the one of november. ive taken HPT's and all have said negative.  i dont really have a whole lot of symptoms except for being a little sick in the evening and i also had two spots of redish pink stuff on two different days, and my boobs arent tender they just get like this pain in them a couple of times a day. me and my fiance also want a baby super super bad. hope to hear from you!!!
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i am only 15 yrs pld but i have been having sex since february and i do it frequently but there is a problem i am dealing with ever since i first started. I skipped my period for the next 3 months after words and know in december i havnt had my period since the end of october im scared and if im not pregnant than what else could it be whats wrong with me y is my period so off track like i know that ure period gets off track when u have sex regularly but not for 3months and 2 and sumthin months at a time.. and weve useda condemn most of the times but the times we did he didnt (do it) in me! Help
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