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23 and geting a bioapsy

i have to have a bioapsy. due to ab.cells. i am only 23 and i have a six month old and have went no
more than 5 day without bleeding since i had her.  i was also told i have a 2.5in cyst is this big?
and i am the higest birth controll out there why is all of this going on with me at 23? can someone
please talk to me about this anyone else in the  same boat?
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hello there

dont worry to much even though thats hard to do.
my really good friend had a normal smear that come back saying abnormal cells and she had to have a bioapsy and she was really worried when she got the and they did what they had to do they fould i wite lump which they could not explain the took a sample of it to check it for cancer and then was told to just wait and see.
they still dont know wht it is but she now has smears every year to keep an eye on.
its not always bad news when you have one done my sister had one done to find she had cancerous cells but in very early stage so they removed the cells that neeeded to be removed and that was about 5 years ago she still has smear tests every year in case it come back abnoral again but she has be fine ever since.

hope this helps
keep me posted
hope everything is ok
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Hi. I just wanted to say that this happened to me last year when I was 23. My pap came back abnormal and positive for high risk HPV. I was so scared. They had to do a biopsy and then everything came back normal with the biopsy. Then I had to have another pap 6 months later and that one came back normal. My docter told me that 80% of women will have a abnormal pap smear and need a biopsy. 4 out 5 of my friends also have had a biopsy and everything was fine.
I know it can be really scary....if they do find anything they can take care of it. Just make sure if you have any questions to ask your gyno and if she wont answer you get a new gyno, that happened to me....mine would not give me any answers to what was going on with my biopsy or abnormal pap, so i got another one and she explained everything to me.

GOOD LUCK and I hope everything turns out ok. Let me know if you have any other questions about the biopsy.
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Dont worry about it, I had that happened to me too when I was your age I cried and thought I was going to die, I was so embarressed to tell my partner he was very worried because I fell into depression. After I went to the doctor they said I was nothing big I was going to be ok since I took care of the problem.
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hello only me chazm3 again

let me know how you get on when you go friday?
i hope it all goes well for you
good luck
chaz x
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