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3 months of vaginal burning...please help!!!

Starting 3 months ago I woke up w/ severe vaginal burning. I was treated for a uti and gardnerella.  2 weeks later the burning continued, so I was then treated for bv & then for yeast.  The burning still continued and I was told I had strep b and was put on more antiobiotics.  Pain continued after that and so here are the tests that were performed and came back normal:

I did have an abnormal pap, but they said that was b/c of the infection (which they are unable to diagnose).  Doesn't seem to make a hole lot of sense.  How can my pap be abnormal b/c of an infection & yet they can't identify and infection?  This problem is making me so depressed & I don't know who to go to next for help.  Should I see a urologist?  My doctor did state that she thought I had interstitial cystitis.  But what infection caused abnormal cells on my pap?  I am so upset & would appreciate any help/advice!!!  The burning is so awful!
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I am wondering if the antibiotics you took caused a yeast infection.  It can sure happen and is a side effect of antibiotics.  Pap smears can be positive but can be false/positive.  Are they waiting to do another Pap?  
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In 6 months I go back in for another pap.  
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