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34 years old: abnormal bleeding

short question version:

is there a way to fix abnormal bleeding without getting on the pill? would weightloss be able to fix this?


I went to the doctor was diagnosed with PCOS. I used to have the problem that i rarely had a period, now it wont go away. I bleed every single day. It started the day my mother passed away on 10-22-16.The doctor did some test called tao brush biopsy in his lab and everything is normal, he doesnt see anything that could be causing the daily bleeding. sometimes the bleeding is so bad im running to the bathroom every 30 minutes. with huge blood clots. i will bleed through everything when i have clots.

the flow varies and sometimes i just spot for the day, but then i will have a heavier flow for a few days.he suggested the pill, but i read that this actually makes the hormones worse. so im feeling incredible confused. my mood swings so badly and i just feel so angry all the time. please if theres anyone that can advise me, i am feeling so lost.

im noticing theres a rhythm to the bleeding. one week of the month is the heavy bleeding, the rest of the time, i spot or have a light flow.

-my test results

Testosterone 42 ng/dL

DHEA SERUM 19894Received -QuestBiNormal. f/u appt



PROLACTINReceived -QuestBiNormal

LHReceived -QuestBi9.3 f/u appt

INSULINReceived -QuestBiNormal

FSHReceived -QuestBi5.2. f/u appt

DHEA SULFATEReceived -QuestBi278 Elevated. f/u appt

note: i had a vaginal ultrasound. the only thing they saw was 20 cysts on one side and 30 on the other.
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One reason the doc suggested the Pill is probably to give the cysts on your ovaries time to resolve. That's a  lot of cysts, why did the doctor apparently not say anything to you about them?

My suggestion is to ask for an abdominal MRI, in order to check for fibroids better than an ultrasound, and also to try the pill, since as it is you are miserable. There is nothing wrong with taking it for a couple of months to calm your system, let the cysts resolve, and see if it regulates your bleeding.

In the meantime, take iron. You need it if you are bleeding like this. Taking it with vitamin C is useful.

Good luck. If your doc doesn't start acting more interested in diagnosing what is wrong, get a new doctor.
ps -- Weight loss is good for a whole lot of things. Definitely see what you can do to regulate your diet.
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