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4-5 small bumps in genital area

Hi, I started brazilian (everything gone) laser hair removal.  about 2 weeks after the first treatment a, what i believe is a pimple, formed on my buttocks where i just received treatment. Over the course of 2 more weeks it keept getting bigger and then it looked like it was affecting the surrounding hair folicules.  I had about 5 of these bumps in the area of about a nickel.  eventually about 2 weeks later (4) weeks total, they went away but i still have a mark on my buttocks where it was and it a good month after they were gone to finally go away. Well i had another treatment, it did the same thing in the same exact spot.  It doesnt form a blister but it looks like little pimples. about the size a a dime this time.  They dont itch or cause pain but they stay for a long time. and they kinda scab over after a while.  I looked on line about geital herpies.  I absoutuly know that it does not look like that. And the signs they listed i have never had.  Its in one spot, not every where and no major outbreak.  about a month and a half later my hair was growing back so i shaved and sure enough about a week later it came back again, but this time in a differant spot. Now i recently shaved and two days later 3-4 pimple like things came out again but now its on one of my lips of the vagina.  Can this be folliculitis.  Does it sound like herpies. Can herpies come in dime size patches with out a major out break? Thank you
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Have you googled genital warts? It's my understanding that they tend to come up in clusters like you describe.  Ingrown hair-type issues tend to come up in a single raised bump and will keep getting bigger (often) until you get the hair out. It could certainly also be herpes.

It really sounds like some type of std to me, not related to hair removal. You should get it checked out.
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Folliculitis is a skin infection that mostly is found in the scalp, arm, and leg area. i am not sure about the rectal and vaginal area. Genital Herpes 1 and not Genital Herpes 2 you will find around your thigh and outer vagina (not in the inner). In Genital Herpes 2, herpes tend to be an inner infection. From what I understand b/w the two I would diagnose it Genital Herpes 1 out of the options given. I would go see a doctor to be 100% sure. Herpes is easily tested with a swab of the infected area and same with Folliculitis. (Blood tests could also determine the diagnosis) I wish you luck on finding an answer!!
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My mom would get cysts just under the skin kind of like what you describe.  Have you gone to the doctor yet?  What did they say?
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