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4 days late and neg pregnancy test

My period is 4 days late I took a pregnancy test 2 days after my late period and then i took one yesterday they both were negative but still no period I feel a lot of cramping comes and goes and the only symptom I have is I'm tired,hot and blooted.Ive had gas and have had a bubbly stomach for a week or so now. My nipple are sore but my breast arent and thats just my right nipple.Ive have white discharge thats dry and not accompanied by an odor or itch. I don't know what to think if I should try another pregnancy test.
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I'm going thru the same thing, but mine is 6 days late. I'm gonna wait to take the pregnancy test because sometimes it doesnt show up that soon with the home test.  Husband and I have been trying to get pregnant, So I hope this is it.  You may not be pregnant sometimes my periods switch up dates on me.
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pregnancy tests are very reliable even 1 day after you have missed your period. so 4-6 should show. sometimes we miscalculate when its coming or it is early/late for whatever reason. i know last month i was a WEEK early. im like...whats up with that? but again, HPT are quite reliable early on. i dont know why people dont trust the results? arent they like 99%???
when i found out i was pregnant 5 days after i was late, i called the dr. she didint even want to see me until like 2-3 months later!!! i said, shouldnt you confirm? what do i do? i ahve never been pregnant before and felt like i was th eonly one to ever BE pregnant!! she said they are so accurate, she is confident i really am. perhaps its different with a positive result but really, i would trust the results either positive or negative.

here's a helpful hint if you are late and want to bring your period on. take a nice warm bath, "please yourself" and it should trigger your period. i have had this happen to me and many others. if it still does not come, make a dr. appt.
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Thank's for the advice,  My husband and I have had sex twice.  Usually that helps bring it down.  I was gonna by the chart I use from cyclespage.  Maybe I did miscalculate or its off.  Pregnancy test are accurate but not always.  I have a couple of friends who were pregnant and it didnt show up with the hpt.  It depends on the surge of Lh.  I'm gonna give it another week and try hpt again. If I dont come on by then or hpt comes out neg, then Im going to the doctor.  I cramp everyday as if Im gonna come on.  Im gonna do the bath thing and try to see if that brings it down.
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