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4 mos. post hysterectomy, ovarian cysts, and violent vomiting

I've had three csections, the last I ruptured with. My uterus actually tore, and in turn, I had a TAH on 5/07. At the begining of September, I began to become violently ill. Like morning sickness times 1,000,000 ( I should say now that for all three pregnancies, i also had hyperemesis gravidarum--not throwing up is nothing new for me). The vomiting is the worst in the early morning into midafternoon. This past week my side began to hurt horribly, and with a trip to my OB, she found a golf ball sized cyst INSIDE my left ovary. I'm still dealing with the pain from that, and now have started throwing up uncontrollably. My OB is aware of this, and thinks that it may have something to do with my intestines/stomach. She has tested my thyroid (serious family history) and hormones as of 08-20-07 they all came back "Within the normal range".     My main question is this: what do you think could be causing all of the throwing up???? Should I focus more on the hysterectomy aspect of this, or should I go with the stomach/intestines theory?? I'm in desperate need to fix the problems...I've got three young kids, and I'm only 25. Please help if you can....I'm open to all ideas.
Thanks, Jen...
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Did she drain the cyst in the left ovary?  I don't know that this would cause vomiting, but it is one thing to address, since it is giving you pain.  Maybe draining it would also help with the throwing up.
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Well, I was super sick for a while, I had the chickenpox, sinus problems etc.... you name it. I'm 18 years old,female. And now I was going threw some depression with loosing a friend etc.. well i was throwing up probably as much as you were and, my doctor took my blood test that i had taken at the hospital and, not a new one so she didn't see anything wrong with my thyroid gland either. So I took a new test at a different place and, they saw differently. I would get it checked out again if I was you. But i'm sure you have it fixed by now, So i hope.
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