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40,toothache and Menstration, any connection?

Ive just turned 40 and For the last 3 months a couple of days before my menstrual cycle, I get extrem toothache. Is this normal? How can I prevent it?
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Toothache does not seem to be a premenstrual symptom and for this toothache before periods, you should consult a dentist and get an evaluation of the teeth and gums done.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Although I respect the fact that you are a Doctor I must say that you need to do better research as I have researched this phenomenon for about 3 years and on going and there has to be a correlation between a severe to non severe toothache before a woman's menstrual cycle simply because over a 1000 women cannot be making it up! I have gone to several dentist and one of them asked me if I was expecting my period? And I was taken aback and asked him why did that have anything to do with my period? Which I was indeed expecting it in the next day or so. His response was that it has to do with nerve endings and how during a woman's menstrual cycle her nerve endings are ultra sensitive and once the period has come the pain subsides as the nerve endings are not so elevated.
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I completely agree with you as i experience the same condition every month befor e my periods.
Many of the doctors do not consider this. they say their is no connection in toothaches and periods.
I use to get these toothaches for 3 years now and has accepted it as a premenstural symptoms.
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Periods and menopause can have everything to do with mouth pain. Not to question the above dr. Comment but maybe a bit more research should be considered.  We are treated like we are crazy, no one knows the pains we suffer unless they are going through it. Prayers to all who suffer this phenomenon. I do as well and my mouth kills me for days and even weeks leading up to and during my cycle. I have very healthy teeth so you tell me? It is totally cyclic and I also have endo. There is def a link. My dr. Agrees but cannot give a valid explanation why. God Bless ladies, stay strong!
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About once or twice a year I will experience toothache pain before my menstrual.  My menstrual is due to arrive in the next day or two and I am experiencing toothache pain. Thankfully the pain does not bother me unless I am try to eat or drink something. Otherwise, I do not feel anything. The toothache pain is not always in the same area. Last year the pain was with my bottom front tooth. I was drinking my beverages from straws to keep the cold from getting to it. This time the pain is in the upper area.  I am a living witness like so many others in this forum that there is a direct connection with toothache pain and premenstrual cycle symptoms.
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Thank you everyone for clearing all this out.... My husband laughed at me when I told him that I thought there was a correlation to the pain. For the last three days I have had terrible headaches due to a tooth ache and only with taking some Advil was I able to function. I did make a dentist appointment this week and hopefully he won't think I'm crazy too!  But, thank you all for letting me know that there is a correlation between the two.
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I'm another woman who gets extreme tooth aches while on my period I started noticing a few months ago. I'm also 40. Only aches while I'm on my period and very very sensitive. I was hoping to find some answers here.
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I have the same concern, tooth ache hyper sensitive tooth for several years now. Dentist and dental hospital say teeth are fine. ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor at hospital said no sinusitis issues. I have conducted a lot of self-research and come to the conclusion it is low oxygen levels as a result of  low iron levels even though I feel fine. Recently I have been taking iron tablets ferrous sulphate 200mg 28 packet over the counter and found the toothache pain that turns into a eye pain, ear ache and head ache on one side only vanished when I took one tablet. I am testing this out each month and shall report back if this is a continued success in December 2017. October 2017 was my first month of testing this in hope that it would cure this every month teething concerns. Hope this helps :)
Hello Holalala, what has your self-research determined? Does the iron tablets help. Does the toothache still happen and only vanishes when you take the tablet or is it permanently gone after having taken it for 3months?
Hi the iron tablets worked!!!! :)

My tooth pain has reduced dramatically in fact vanished as being the main sympton of my period warning or trigger each month.

I have been keeping an observation diary  for over 6 months or more of having toothpain during my monthly cycle period.

I am happy to report that toothache pain was far less in comparison as a result of taking only one 200mg iron tablet per month during, or as soon as you start your period or a day or before when you are due to start.

There was three months I did not even take an iron tablet on my monthly cycle, and I experience no signs nor symptoms of tooth pain at all.

Conclusion taking iron tablets will cure the tooth ache concern permanetely on your monthly cycle or leading upto your monthly cycle as a warning trigger sign that you are going to be ON. I also changed my toothpaste to sensodyne active pro for sensitive teeth and found this also helped.

Although not required I still take one 200mg  iron tablet (sulphate ferrous 200mg white sugar coated tablets over the counter)  as precaution every 2-3 months now  due to having a veggy diet and sometimes having an increase menstrual blood flow.

I have been suffering this for years and it has been a frustrating process where the dentist and dental hospital have confirmed no tooth concerns and the doctors confirming that painkillers were the only solution.

I am happy to state that I have now been tooth free for over several months, and not taken any form of pain killers as a result. I feel cured. I thank the LORD for this self discovery. :)

conclusion having low iron count or lack of vitamin B in your diet can impact the nerves in your brain and body that need vitamin B (iron tablets) to function properly. As well as your energy levels to function. The tooth pain was a nerve pain, that was not effectively responded  by pain killers , yet varnished with taking iron tablets only one 200mg per month.

Take care all  :)
Just noticed its been a YEAR as it is now Nov 2018.  Defintely Cured with IRON TABLETS.  I noticed a dramatic improvement in tooth ache pain being varnished within 3 months of starting this self experiment on my monthly cycle that 2 painkillers three times a day could not cure for days on my monthly cycle. Please share with all ladies that may well be suffering in silence with this. thanks and take care :)
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This is interesting stuff, Holalala. It would not surprise me if that is the connection.

For ladies who are taking iron, take it with Vitamin C to increase absorbtion, and also it might be smart to take it with bran or a fiber gummy or some other fiber, to help you not get constipated. Iron can do that. :)

I do know Vitamin C can help people who are having sensitive gums, so there may be an added and more indirect connection than simply needing iron, such as, when someone is low on Vitamin C they get less iron because there is no Vitamin C to help it absorb, and so there is more mouth pain.

Anyway, it is very cool that you figured out the problem.
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Thanks for sharing this also AnnieBrooke :). Sensitive gums lack of vitamin C learn something new.  I have been taking iron tablets with orange juice that contains Vitamin C so it is absorped in the body better, also recommended in the instructions.

It could also be hormones during the time of the month as one of the questions the dentist and dental hospital asked was if I was pregnant something to do with pregnancy gingivitis or gum disease and tooth pain. Pregnant women hence are given free NHS dental treatment for sensitive gums or gum disease that some women may well be prone too during in pregancy.


In my case, they checked and my gums were fine, not pregnant yet!
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The physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy bring with them a whole host of interesting, frequently irritating and sometimes confusing symptoms. Among these, some women get toothaches or experience other dental concerns while pregnant. Not only do these add to the discomfort of pregnancy, they can be a sign that a woman needs to visit her dentist.


Toothaches during pregnancy can happen for any number of reasons. Pregnant women, like everyone else, get routine dental irritations and can have tooth or gum pain unrelated to pregnancy. However, note Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel in their book "What To Expect When You're Expecting," pregnant women also have high hormone levels that make their gums more sensitive and porous than usual. This can lead to increased likelihood of gum and tooth irritation, and toothache.

I get the feeling when I do get Pregnant I will be more prone to this as I have experienced this for years during my monthly cycle. Well at least I know the remedy Vitamin C and Iron Tablets...prevention is better than cure!
When I was pregnant I had a lot of issues like gagging when they just tried to clean my teeth.  I had problems brushing my teeth and gagging.  This was particularly bad in my last couple of months of pregnancy.  My dentist when I went in for a routine cleaning and dental hygienist had to stop.  They told me to use a really good anti cavity mouth rinse during the rest of my pregnancy.  It was rough.  Why that is all connected, I don't know.  LOL  

I am a big fan of trying to get as much of something you need via food.  How is your iron intake through food?  Leafy green veg's such as spinach?  Stuff like that.  

Anyway, good luck to you.
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Food intake is my preferred option, yet you never can measure what you are taking is enough in line with RDA. Plus iron via food is difficult to absorp without the constant need of vitamin C with certain foods for it to work in your system. I can never get the balance right with food hence I take the iron tablets as a guaranteed or better option for intake as you never know what monthly flow you are going to get either. If and when I get PREGNANT I seriously would look at the iron food intake as an option in replacement to iron tablets so the baby is not affected. Thanks for the pregnancy teeth and gums update, at least I know what to expect hormones! and a good anti cavity mouth rinse to the rescue...what did the dentist recommend out of interest? brand name? thanks :)
I can't see why taking iron tablets versus getting it in food would affect the baby negatively. The only thing that would affect a baby in utero is if you didn't have enough iron. Or are you saying that you would try to get your iron from food because you think you would be unable to take iron as pills? There are time-release iron tablets that are easy to take. Also, if worst comes to worst and you are pregnant, anemic and can't keep any food or iron tablets down, the doctor can also give you an iron shot.
just wondered so there is no side affects for taking iron tablets on your baby? dont know hence asking...thanks for the tip as I am vegan so  being vegan and pregnant may involve double the iron intake subject to no severe morning sickness of course. The joys of being a women your body becomes a oven baking a baby! thanks :)
No side effects from iron except that it can be somewhat constipating. I always took it with a fiber gummy to avoid that. The side effect that would be undesirable is getting anemia from not having enough iron, which can definitely happen during pregnancy.
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