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46 years old and periods went from regular to just stopping!

I’m 46 years old and have had regular periods (like every 28-32 days) all my life. I am on day 92 (3 months) with no periods yet! As in my periods just stopped with no warnings! I Did not go through any other symptoms before with peri menopause except one month of hot flashes which I think was from drinking a bit too heavy as I was off due to ptsd. Had anyone went into menopause with having no irregularities and just stopped periods? I took a pregnancy pee test just at the 2 months after last missed period and it was negative. Anyone just go into menopause at 46 from being regular to just having periods stop?
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You might find that your next period makes a surprise appearance any time. It's early for menopause but not early for perimenopause, and one of the things the body can do then is not ovulate every single month.

Ovulation triggers the next period, not the other way around, so it would stand to reason that no period means you haven't ovulated this past three months. This can also happen with stress, having nothing to do with menopause. Young women who are really thin (like with anorexia) can have it happen too, as well as women who have a super low amount of body fat because they are athletes.

If your period is a no-show for, say, six months, you might get a checkup from your ob/gyn and see what's happening with your hormone levels.
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Thanks for your reply! Quite a shock just having my usually very regular period just stop all of a sudden with no warnings of any signs of peri menopause prior to! I suppose instead of progressively moving into peri menopause I’m just being thrown into it with no warning and no other symptoms lol! Maybe I will be the lucky one with not having to go through irregular periods, hot flashes, abnormal bleeds, etc and just go into menopause lol ! I’m already close to being 4 months with no periods only a week and a half to go and it will be 4 months. I feel great too!!!
If your body-fat ratio is not unusually low in fat to weight, then you could more reasonably suspect perimenopause first. You might ask your mother what her perimenopause was like, and how much later she went to full menopause.
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