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5 negitive pregnancy tests & 7 days late- am I pregnant?

Please help me with an answer!  The day of my last period was April 16th, 2007 & it lasted for 7 days.  My boyfriend and I had protected sex every time/with a condom.  I was supposed to get my period on May 24th- Nothing!  I have a little bit of breast tenderness witch is normal and my ovaries feel what I can describe as "numb"- Like after you get novicane at the dentists?  Please help me!  

Thank you

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I have only been late once in my life (other then the times I was pregnant) and I was also 7 days late.  My doctor told me it is normal for a woman to miss or be late at least once during there period life time. My sister in law missed 3 or 4 periods in a row and then low and behold it came (and she wasnt pregnant, she was going to her doctors and got tests done) Other things can make you late, change in diet, stress,  recent weight gain or weight loss. I would call your doctor they can do a blood pregnancy test on you and tell you for sure and if it comes up negative they might want to see you if they can figure out why you are late.
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I have made a doctor's appointment for 1pm 6/1/07.  I will hopefully know something then.  I really hate my body....
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Good luck tomorrow, post an update and let me know how it turns out. I know how you feel about hating your body, mine was messed up for over a year after getting off depo =/
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I went to the doctor, he ran a full blood pannel and he also ran a urine test- that came up negitive.  From that, he told me that he was not going to run a blood test for pregnancy due to the negitive result.  My doctor also said that the blood test detects the same HCG levels as the urine test.  I have lost a lot of weight.  The last time I was at the doctors was in Febuary for a cold and my weight then was 126.  I am now 115 and 112 without clothing(We weighed me with just uderwear on).  Well, I have lost allot of weight.  I have.  The blood pannel was run for Cancer to thyroid issues- diabeties, you name it.  I do not know the result of those tests.  I was hoping that they would be back today, but they are not.  My doctor did say that it is common for a woman to miss their period completely at times and that it can happen more than once in a womans life.  I do excercise every day also and for about an hour to and hour and 45 minutes.  I am scared that I could be pregnant still because he did not: 1. run a blood pregnancy test/do you find this odd that he did not include this in the work up?  2. My lower stomach is killing me and I have a headache that just will not quit.  My breasts do hurt, but it seems like that they hurt as if my period is going to start?  The doctor did say that he could give me 10 days worth of depo to force a period.  The thing is, I don't want to gain any weight with that.  I am a dancer and I am currently in a show that weighs us in and if I gain past what they want, I will get kicked out!
Help?  Should I still test later this week?  Do you think I could still be pregnant?  HELP!!!!
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My boyfriend had to rush me to the emergency room with really bad obdominal pain on 6.3.07.  They ran a whole battery of tests- again.  Everything came back in the clear.  I am not pregnant by an actual blood test given at the emergency room.  I am schduled to go in to have a pelivc and abdominal scan tommorrow.  My stomach hurts so much right now.  I am in pain.  Big time.  My doctor put me on something called Medroxyprogesterone to induce my period.  My breasts hurt so much and my stomach is killing me.  Could I be pregnant and the blood test at the hospital was wrong?  I need help please answer!
My docotr's appointment is tommorrow/ 6.5.06 at 12:30pm.

Thank you!!!!
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have you thought to check and see if you have PCOS ????
I doubt you were pregnant at the time.
Sounds like you have an homonal imbalance.
go to www.curezone.com lot of natural remedys there.
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