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A bump under the armpit!

Well, I'm 18 years of age and I'm somewhat worried about a recent bump I got under my armpit. I don't know what it could be, but it started just recently about a week ago I think. I just want to know if it's dangerous or if it can be something more then just a bump?
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Hi Need a little bit more detail on the bump.What does it look like?Is it red or same color as your skin complexion?Don't have enough info.TNT406
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A little more info would be great,  However I get these bumo things a lot from shaving my underarms.  They are almost like big pimples.. cyst like things.  Ingrown hairs. I have found if i wait anbout an hour or so after I shave under my arms then put on deoderant then i dont get them. hope that helps

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I had a bump like that, does it look like two little holes over it? My doctor said its from an ingrown hair and that its fine, and I will probably have it forever. It almost looks like a little bite, with two little holes next to eachother (really small)

Go to your doctor, don't be afraid. It wasn't bad to have to looked at it took 2 seconds.
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I ve had this pimple like bump under my armpit for 12 years now I can squeeze it from time to time and I manage to get some of the whitish stuff out but not all . It feels like its attached to something in my arm and I can't get rid of it all so it gets bigger until I squeeze it again. I ve felt like I ve had a fever for years and my body is fighting it hard can it be a possibility          janice
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I had this bump under my armpit, bigger than a pimple, when u touch it, it really hurts. Im really worried of what it could be... SOMEONE pls help.
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I found a lump under my left armpit tonight and am very worried. It hurts when you touch it and when I move my arm or just put my arm at my side. It is the same color as my skin with a pale pink center. There is a hair in the center (can't pluck it, it's not long enough, it's right at the surface) and I am not shaving it right now, too afraid it will get worse. I did try to squeeze it and that really hurt and made it slightly bigger. I washed with Dial and put an antibiotic ointment on it, not sure if that will help but thought it couldn't hurt. I have searched the net all night and can't find an answer why this suddenly appeared. It is about pea sized, was smaller before I squeezed it.
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