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A full blown allergic reaction or OAS?

Every year during the hay fever season, I get allergic reaction to random foods, I've had millions of times before. I can sometimes react to something as simple as pasta. So far I've had about 3-4 allergic reactions. They start out as itching and tingling in the mouth, then progress to nausea, bowel movement, severe anxiety and finally  vomiting. After the food is out, all the symptoms stop. I've told my doctor about these episodes and he insisted those are not signs of an allergic reaction, claiming post-nasal drip must be making me nauseated. The only thing he agreed to do was test me for Celiac disease; since I told him the last reaction happened when i was eating pasta and chicken with dill weed. ( All four episodes happened when eating foods containing dill. I have been adding dill to all of the foods I make for the past 10 years; so I have been eating it every day for the past 10 years).

Since then, I have done my own research and found out that itchy mouth/vomiting/anxiety/tachycardia are in fact signs of an allergic reaction. However, since I still couldn't get a referral to an allergist, I started avoiding foods that I thought were causing a reaction - dill weed, pasta, shellfish. Yet, I found myself trying to avoid more and more foods, because everything seems to be making my mouth itch, causing excessive mucus in the throat and causing a throat closing sensation(during the fall/winter/early spring time). I am to the point, where I developed a phobia of eating.          
I am going to set up another appointment with my doc; but I wanted to get some insight. I don't expect to hear a diagnosis based on a few words; but I wonder if what I am experiencing sounds more like a true allergic reaction or just an oral allergy symptom.I was also wondering what are the chances of it progressing into anaphylaxis?

Thank you
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