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A list of seemingly unrelated symptoms...

17/female/sexually active
- Nausea, no vomiting
- Lower abdominal cramps
- Lower backache
- Painful breast lump on right side
- Increased appetite
- Acne
- Mood swings
- LMP: 12-26-12 (normal length and flow)
- Last sex: 12-21-12

What could be wrong?
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Hi there.  Well, to me, this sounds like pms.  The timing may be a little off with your last period starting on 12/26 as that isn't even two weeks.  You wouldn't be having any pregnancy symptoms yet if you are wondering if you got pregnant the 21st.  Pregnancy symptoms happen due to the hormones pregnancy produces and you have to have enough build up in order to have symptoms.  However, if you were pregnant and had a period anyway as some women do and would actually be farther along than 3 weeks, then, sure those are symptoms of pregnancy.  Did you have unprotected sex the month before last?

I would take a home pregnancy test to be sure.  If it is negative, then you need to get the lump in your breast checked by a doctor.  So tell your mom and set up an appt.  Hopefully all is fine and am guessing that it is.  good luck
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I have already taken 2 home pregnancy tests and both were negative. Prior to the 21st, the last time I had sex was in February.
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Okay, well, definately time to go ahead and see your doctor I think.  Tell your mom you really don't feel well and that you have a breast lump.  those should always be checked out.  Could be absolutely nothing but following up to make sure is really really important.  So please go see your doctor.  Let us know what he/she says!
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I have an appointment tomorrow and plan on sharing all my issues with her. Thank you for your feedback and I'll post here and let you know afterwards!
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