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Abdominal, pelvic pain

Hi, for the past 3 years (I am 41 years old) I am suffering from the pelvic pain (left side only, lower back too). In the past year the pain became more severe, I feel like it's getting worse with each period. The doctor diagnosed endometriosis some time ago. The last month the pain is really unbearable; it spread to the groin left side, upper back too - I feel twinges and sharp pains all over sometimes. But the pain in pelvis is constant and it's worse, I have to take Ibuprofen all the time as I can't function normally. I feel tired all the time, very very tired... Other symptoms I have are abdominal bloating, painful bowels, sometimes so painful (stabbing sharp pain on left side) I am having cold sweat and feel like vomiting while on toilet, sometimes there's diarrhea, not really often, more normal stool.
I need to go and pee quite often, sometimes few times in an hour.
Waiting for my urine results and pap smear.

Just wondering, is it endometriosis for others so horribly painful too? Or is it something else?

Thank you.
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Symptoms for an Ovarian Cyst is listed below.
-abdominal bloating or swelling.
-painful bowel movements.
-pelvic pain before or during the menstrual cycle.
-painful intercourse.
-pain in the lower back or thighs.
-breast tenderness.
-nausea and vomiting.

If this helps you at all with any of your process of elimination of what you could mention what you think it is to the OBGYN. That and you can look up things to help deal with the pain while you wait.
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Thank you Alunari, basically I have all of that except for vomiting, nausea sometimes. Sounds scary...
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