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Ablation vs Mirena-progestin only.

I am 41. I have had heavy and more frequent periods.  My doctor did an ultrasound and said everything looks fine. I have a small cyst not even a cm in diameter and my uterus is tilted. She wants to do a procedure called Ablation or the Mirena IUD. I have had problems with birth control when I was young and had my tubed tied when I was 25. My mother and aunt were in post menapose at age 50. Neither new they went through menapose due to hystorectomies. I mentioned this to my doctor and she said I'm not starting menapose just by looking at me, but have not done any blood work to check my hormones. Should I get a second opinion or does anyone have any opinion on either procedure or personal experience. I am not educated on either. I also suffer from Bi-polar and Generalized Anxiety Disorder,  so playing with my hormones and medications get very scary for me. Any help I can get would be appreciated!
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First of all it can be due to metrorrhagia which causes uterine bleeding at irregular intervals, particularly between the expected menstrual periods. Metrorrhagia can occur due to dysfunction uterine bleeding, hormonal imbalance, polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, infections of the cervix, vagina or endometrium, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian insufficiency, ovarian cysts or benign lesions of the female reproductive system.

In my opinion you need to get your pelvic examination done from your gynecologist along with investigations like complete blood count, thyroid function tests, PAP smear, hormonal levels, cervical swab and ultrasound uterus. Once is identified, treatment can be planned. Ablation should not be the first treatment option.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Thank you!  It did help. I asked my primary for a referral and she said I don't need all of those test. If she did an ultrasound and made the decision based on that and what I told my GYN then that's enough to go off of to make a decision. I am on several medications and have had problems with scar tissue for other operations. None of which seem to be a concern. I think I will look into finding a doctor with more experience in this then delivering babies.
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