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Abnormal bleeding between periods

A little after my 22 birthday Feb. 10th, my boyfriend and I were intimate, after we noticed i had been bleeding. I didn't think too much of it until it continued happening. Mostly during and after sexual intercourse, but it would happen periodically throughout the day as well. I also experience slight discomfort and pain during intercourse but this has been ongoing for a little while now. The bleeding is a new problem. I also, from time to time, get these unbearable sharp pains in my lower stomach, side, anus, and vaginal area. They stop me dead in my tracks making it nearly impossible to breath or move. After doing a little online researching I'm worried i may have cervical cancer. I have not yet been tested for HPV. And some of my symptoms coincide with early stages of cervical cancer. I was wondering if anyone may be able to shed some light on my issues!!?  
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Thanks for your comment on my post.. i actually don't have any pain or fowl smelling discharge or anything just very faint kinda cramping periodically throughout the day.. and the steady like colored discharge.. i've had functional cysts before and the treatment i was told for this would be bascially to put me on the pill which because im trying to conceive isn't an option.. my OB said cysts are abnormal at all and as long as we aren't in pain they don't really do much about it.. my only concern is usually with a the funtional cysts in the past they apparently pop and i do a slight bleed for about 2 -3 days max then i get my period about 2 weeks later.. well this time its been 6 days and doesn't seem to be slowing much.. i don't think i've ovulated yet so this prolongs my period cycle to way longer then the normal time frame.

I was actually ready though the forum today and saw other women saying they were experiencing the kinda pain u were discribing though the horrible pain that takes your breath away.. down in the lower anus n that.. if i were u i would get that checked out who knows what that is.
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