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Abnormal endometrial biopsy

My endometrial biopsy came abnormal, it does not say anything about cancer . It says they found polyps . I am confused , because I thought endometrial biopsy was suppose to find cancerous cells . Please help me
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So, you had a pap and they found you had the polyps and abnormalities?  This is not uncommon and they are typically precancerous and they often 'freeze' them off.  Or are you saying you had an actual biopsy done?  I do think a biopsy is done on other things to see if there is cancer present.  I had a biopsy of calcifications in my breast for example to see if there was cancer present (there wasn't, thank goodness).  So, I had something suspicious, they removed it and tested it to see if it was cancer. This is probably what you mean by biopsy?  
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A biopsy is merely the word for when they remove a little bit of tissue so they can send it to the lab to diagnose a condition. The endometrium is the lining of the uterus. An endometrial biopsy is the removal of a little bit of the endometrial tissue to send it to the lab and see what is going on.  It is not a test for cancer, it's a diagnostic tool for whatever is there.
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I thought biopsy is done to find if the sample is cancerous or not . I don’t get it . When I google it says about cancer , I m confused and scared .thank you for your reply.
Certainly they might do a biopsy to check to see if something is cancerous. I've just had biopsy findings that concluded the issue was warts or skin inflammation, and once a biopsy came back for my cat that said eusinophilic granuloma (which is not cancer). In short, biopsies can find things that are treated with antibiotics and other ways, they are not limited to only search for cancer. Maybe the connection you are seeing when you google is is that a biopsy is often used to rule cancer in or out. But it is not only for diagnosis of suspected cancer.

Why don't you call your doctor's office and ask them what they were looking for when they did the biopsy? They should certainly tell you. It's better than looking on the Internet and freaking out.
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