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About masterbation

My friend masterbates herself she only rubs her clitoris and the inside of the vagina lips, she says that her vagina starts to vibrate, she says that she cums too, she says she's never bleeded whilst masterbating herself also she's never had sex before, how ever is there any chance that she has broken her hymen? Another question if a girl has had sex before and broken her hymen, and then hasn't had sex again for about 9/10 years is there any chance of her hymen to heal again ?
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The hymen does not grow back.  The way she masturbates, there is no way she could have broken her hymen through that.  However, girls' hymens often break in childhood as we are now allowed to be lot more active these days than in the past.
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Ok then thank you very much for your reply I really appreciate it, she was wondering if there's any possible way for her to check if she's still got her hymen, also is there any way for her to STOP masterbating?
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There is a horrible lack of understanding about hymens. Hymens do not pop or break. They tear, repair, and stretch. With enough foreplay, relaxation and lubrication there is no reason most women to bleed at all when they lose their virginity or have sex.

Many religions have helped to promote thus nonsense idea of intact virginity, hymen popping, and virginal bleeding and it has lead to many women being wrongfully stoned to death. There is no biological exam supported by modern science that can accurately tell if a woman is a virgin or not.

Long story short, if you had sex and bled your hymen was back to normal within a few days weeks.
Wrong. They don’t grow back. Even if they did, if u keep having sex they would keep breaking. It’s jist super thin skin. Mucus membrane.  Tho they heal up after sex, they don’t grow back.
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@EllaMari: Just read up on it after reading your post.  Thanks for my something new for the day!

@Lol2607: All she has to do to stop masturbating is to stop masturbating.  If it bothers her that much that she does it, then it should simply be a matter of self will, though there is nothing wrong with such behavior.  Hormones will make it tempting, but it's not as though we are slaves to them.
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I'm a virgin myself at 34 years old. The hymen can be absent if a virgin was involved vigorous physical exercise or sports, tampons, dancing, age,and other non-sexually active related things,too. Hymens can wear away from age and be absent in either sexually active or non-sexually active women. Some women don't have hymens because they weren't born with one. Masturbation can stretch the hymen or wear away and the woman is still a virgin because she hasn't had a sexual partner or vaginal intercourse. There are hymen free virgins, losing virginity involves having sexual intercourse for the first time unless the woman's sexuality is otherwise.
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I broke mine falling down a flight of stairs at 15.
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