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About me missed my period for months

Hi...I'm 13 and turning 14 on November soon...but I missed my period since Feb till now...I'm afraid to tell my mom or anyone in my family cuz I don't think they are trusted...they keep asking me when am I having my period and I'm so afraid to tell them the truth but to tell a lie...saying that my period coming soon...I'm being stressed out from relationship problems..., family problems..., and my periods problems... What should I do? I'm 100% still Virgin...not being pregnant as I didn't have sex with any one although I did had my 1st kiss... Can anyone plz help me? I'm really afraid to tell anyone...
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Periods can become irregular or even stop due to stress. But it's always good to have a Dr check. I advise u to tell ur mom or if more comfortable ur dad if u show them this post i don't think they'll doubt ur virginity,  but alas I had a cool mom ur other option is going to a free clinic so they don't know. This needs to be run by a Dr even though ur young it's possible to have a real problem going on. But I STRONGLY advise telling one of ur parents or a more trusted family member like an older cousin if u got one they can help u where to go or how to speak to ur parents.
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Periods can take a couole years to even into a normal pattern.
Sometimes, I am late when Im sick. Its weird.
You need to tell your parents or one fo them.
You may require medical help that your parents need to get you.
Every adult knows about periods and there's nothing to be embarassed about! Especially if you're still a virgin!
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periods can be really irregular, especially for the first few years that you have one. however, this could be a medical problem so it's important to have it checked out just to be sure.
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