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Adrenaline surges - heart "pangs" not palps

Hi Ladies ~

I get this feeling like a heart "Pang" which is can only describe as a feeling like when someone cuts in front of you in traffic, your heart does that stoppy "Pang" thing or like when someone jumps out at you and scare you.

It is almost like that feeling of when you are at the top of the roller coaster hill and about to head down, that flippy heart pang like a rush of adrenaline. NOT a panic attack and my heart does not race.

I do get heart palpitations and it is not those either. (My gyn says heart palps are par for the course with premenopause) this is different and I get it ALL the time.

Is this anxiety? or is it Cortisol? or it is just menopause???

It is so annoying and I want to know if anyone else gets them and if my description is close to what you are feeling too??

I haven't seen a doc yet because I think it is prob psychosomatic, anxiety and premenopause - which will just get me the patronizing pacifying look from my PMD and waste a Co-pay.

I think I get better info from all of the ladies on this forum.

Please share your thoughts and experiences.

P.S. - I JUST started Estrogen x 6 days ago too, and the "Surges" haven't stopped.

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