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After c-section-menstrual problems, discharge problems.........

I am 35 and have had 3 babies via c-section. Afer my last one, in April 2005, I have had nothing but problems. Right after surgery I had complications urinating (not from the cath and not a UTI). This was a different kind of a pain. There was a lot of internal pressure. Then, I had the normal after child birth bleeding (6 weeks). I was on mircette (birth control pills), and my first period was over a week late. When it arrived, it felt like something popped, and there was an explosion of blood. I bled for 3 days. I stopped taking the mircette. The next 2 months I had NO period at all. The 4th month I started bleeding and bled for 4 weeks straight. About one week after the bleeding stopped, I had a very large, clear, jelly-like (very springy) discharge w/a lot of brown blood in it. It was about the size of holding 4-5 marbles in the palm of your hand. I have also had an exxessive, unexplained weight gain. I saw my HMO and my OB/GYN after I missed 2 cycles. They gave me a prescription for pills to bring on my cycle. But, before I could get it filled was when I finally started bleeding. My concerns are that there might have been a mistake during the last cesarean surgery. I am a bit worried about returning to my OB/GYN for this problem. And, any other doc in town will not admit another local doc made a mistake. So, here I am asking if this is familar to anybody else?
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Oh yea...I have had several negative pregnancy tests. The explosion was not a miscarriage.
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Well if you're having trouble with other docs in town, then maybe it's time to look outside of town.

From what you've described it just sounds like now you're having irregular periods.  It doesn't sound like you have trouble peeing anymore - is that correct?

I am not familiar with the birth control pills you named, but there are other brands of birth control out there that can help regulate your periods.  Might be something to consider...

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I haven't tried other docs. That was a presumption on my part. If, there was a mistake during surgery, I would not feel comfortable seeing another local one.

I am unable to take any other form of birth control pill, due to side effects. That was why she put me on Mircette (it is a very low dose). I actually have taken Mircette in the past, to bring on my period, so I would not have it during my honeymoon.
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Yes, the urinary problem did get better. I did not have this issue with my first two (now 14 and 9).

I have had irregular cycles in the past. But, I have never gone 3 months before having one and then bleed for 4 weeks straight.
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ive had 3 c/s 1m 29, ages 11, 9 , 2 years first two fine but never felt right after the third one, irregular periods, dicomfort, pink disgharge some times but just the feeling every thing not gone back to normal, docs dont  listern, and hard to explain to other people, i understand wat u feel like, you know ur body and u know wen somet not write but trying to explain somthing u know nowt about is very hard an i think c/s are very much miss understood about the after care. thankyou  for putting your prob on here , bet theres loads out there with probs too. dawn uk x
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If you feel something is wrong and are having trouble getting the doctor to perform test just ask them to write in the chart that they would not perform necessary test. This will get their attention. No one is going to be as concerned about your health as you are.
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I had a c section november 12 and bled for about a week after. Then it stopped and started again the following month. I assume that was actually my first period. It is now a month later and I still have not had another period and I am actually afraid that I am pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Could it be that my periods are now going to be irregular? Has anyone else had similar problems? Thanks.
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i had a c section 5 and half yrs ago and i just started getting these pains in my uterus like im contracting  all over again please if anybody has any1 else had the same problem ? thank u
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i just had a c-section 10 weeks ago and i bled for 3weeks and than stopped. for a week and than started and bled for 4days and than stopped.and yes i did fool around before my six weeks was up. and when i went in for my six week checkup my doctor said he would be seeing me soon . i guess he knew something i didn't  i haven't had a period in december  took two tests and they were neg and now i am spotting not enough to wear a pad . is that normal.
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I have had 2 c-sections. One in 2003 and the other in 2006. Although when I had my last one I had my tubes tied also. I had irregular periods before I had both children that lasted anywhere from 5 to 9 days.
They put me on birth control after I had my oldest and I was allergic to everything they gave me. It went from breaking out with hives and not being able to breathe to feeling swollen and extra bleeding. They were tolerable cramps for the most part.
After I had my youngest however I went about a year and a half with normal periods lasted around 3 or 4 days. All of a sudden I got very intense very painful cramps. I went to my OBGYN and asked what caused it. They told me it was a cyst bursting. Which could explain the popping, but it hurt like hell. Since they haven't been regular, but I have felt the contraction feeling.

You also might want to look into family history if you can.

My grandma had c-sections, and later found out she had a tumor the size of a soccer ball inside of her before they found it.
My mom had c-sections as well. When they got to her she had 3 different sections to her tumor. One the size of a small watermelon, one the size of a grapefruit and the other the size of an orange. It took them a long time to realise what's going on, and it's not the doctors fault it grows, but if they don't notice right away it can be seriously dangerous.
Now I'm the only one of the grand kids that has had c-sections and I'm starting to have the symptoms they had.
Just make sure if the doctor checks out "everything" to do internal scans just to make sure. The sooner you catch it the better.

I hope you figure everything out and prayers to you.
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