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After getting fingered why does it hurt when I pee

After being fingered when I pee it burns , does it go away overtime , is there something I can do to make it go away faster or should I make an appointment to get it checked out. ?
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I agree, let us know how you are doing.  Is it better?  I worry about the exact same thing as Anniebrooke.  Fingers touch all sorts of things and then could introduce that bacteria to your urethra.  Let us know if it is better.  
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The person doing the fingering has to have scrupulously clean hands and nails. Hurting when you pee could come from an infection or from something physical your partner is doing. If your partner is not doing anything to the urethra I would suspect bacteria rather than scratches, and hands are often laden with bacteria.
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(After all, if you are willing to have someone finger you it doesn't make sense that you would be too abashed to ask them to wash their hands first. You can't count on anyone else to protect your health the way you would.)

It also could be coincidental timing. A UTI or kidney infection could just happen to have hit around the same time as the fingering. Try getting some cranberry juice and drinking it, or just drinking a lot of water. Then if the burning doesn't go away in a few days, make an appointment to see your primary care provider.

Take care.
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