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After sex, pain for months

After starting a sexual relationship with my new partner I am experiencing very painful feeling and irritation and burning down there every single time we have sex. For example first time we did not sleep together again for a month because I was away. I noticed the feeling and it lasted the whole month and got worse the next time we had sex. We both went to get tested for std's and came back negative except he had a higher than normal oral herpes reading but zero genital herpes type. I had pap done and doctor did not notice anything. Fast forward a few months he noticed a bump on his pubic area that looked like a skin tag and got it frozen away it was 2 small tags and his doctor said it looked like hpv. We did not have sex during this time for months. Then once we had sex again the pain and burning and irritation again persisted. The doctor gave me steroid cream that helped a little but the pain came back. Then I noticed I had hundreds of little bumps forming in my vagina. The dermatologist said it was normal and just sebaceous bumps and my vagina looked healthier than most people. He has fordyce spots on his penis and lips and now I started to develop on my lips as well. Does anyone know what in the world is causing this pain and irritation that lasts for months and months? I did so much reading and I cant see anything online regarding an std that causes this every time a couple has sex. My pap comes back normal my dermatologist says everything looks amazing and tests come back clean.
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Well,  you have done a good job of getting checked out and ruling things out.  Does not sound like an std (you've checked), hpv or any issues like that.  How's your lubrication?  I guess after months of this stuff, it would be possible that it would be hard to be totally turned on.  Do you use an artificial lube that you may be reacting to?  Or don't use any that causes you to then have the issue? Do you use condoms?  
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