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Again sperm is out

Please this is question I don't want to share with anyone but let me just do to you now. Please whenever me and my wife have sex and I release inside her the sperm will come out thereafter or immediately, please what can do now we have been married for like 4years no child people have been talking. Please help
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She could try elevating her hips after sex. It is totally normal for the sperm to come out of the woman's vagina after sex. The vagina is mostly a sheath, it only has a tiny opening at the far end by which any sperm can swim into the uterus. In short, sperm always comes out. But if she would like a little pool of it to stay longer near the small opening (into the uterus at the other end of the vagina) to increase the chances that some will enter uterus, she could try putting her hips up higher than her body with pillows for a while after sex. Some women even try a headstand.

Have sex every second or third day in the time from the end of her monthly period to the beginning of the next period. Not every day, though, since that would have a negative effect on your sperm count.

If these things don't help, see a doctor and get your sperm count checked, and also be sure you don't have a varicocele, which might heat the area a little bit and have a negative effect on your sperm count.
Thank you for the answer.

1) On the third  day how many round is good for sexing
2) what do you mean by varicocele
3) I think I  low have erection can thant course no pregnancy?
I think you should talk to your doctor. I do not thing I understand all of what you are asking.

1) Once is enough every two or three days. A single ejaculation has more than a million sperm in it.
2) Please look up varicocele online.
3) I do not know actually what you mean, but a doctor should understand your question.
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