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Am I having symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?

I have for years ev en before I had gave birth to my two sons who are now 2 and 5, have suffered with a swollen abdomen.  I have always had pain in my belly, even during sex.  Irregular heavy menstral cycles are also something I suffer from!  I have these horrible stages where I am extremely weak and fatigued and have hardly the energy to do anything with my boys!  I get shortness of breath, heart burn every day and night, a general feeling of being sick alot..(nausea, fatigued, lightheaded).  I sometimes find it hard to swollow I think this could be more related to my heart burn but I am not for sure!  I have also been getting these horrible stabbing pains for about 10 yrs now but cant figuer out whether they are in my chest or abdomen, but they almost feel like mini heart attacks lasting only minutes or seconds putting me thru excrutiating pain with each breath I take!  I feel depressed because I am not all that over weight but I am large chested and my abdomen stcks out further than my DD Breasts!  =(  I can not deal with this discomfort in my stomach any more does any one have any suggestins about what this could be?  Please help....
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I too have been having the signs of ovarian cancer but the problem is that I am morbidly obese and never taken seriously.  I even have an elevated white blood cell count, breast milk secretion, a lot of gas, painful urination (feels like not empty), stomach bloating, bleeding in between periods, pain during intercourse, often feels like someone is raping me even when not having relations with my husband. I can feel the shedding of my cervix.  I can have a 10 day period be off it for 7 days and back on for 16 and off again for 5 and on again for 20 and so on.  It is very frustrating.  I am losing my hear, have extreme back pain, and now am getting acne all over my chin.  I'm very frustrated and depressed.  Two years ago I had a d&c, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, but the only thing they found were fibriods, polyps, and cysts.  I know that's enough but the problems continue.  I got so fed up that I just stopped going to the dr. altogether. I now even have vaginal discharge.  I am only 32 but I have a history of cancer in my Family.  I have two Aunts on my Father's side who have been diagnosed with breast Cancer and one on My Mother's side.  My Mother is in remission from Throat Cancer, My Father passed away of Lung Cancer and My Uncle (My Father's side) just died of Lung Cancer.  So needless to say I am concerned but never taken seriously.  I'm just tired of being treated like a hypochondriac.  I fear using the C-Bomb because as soon as I say that I'm sure they will close up and never listen to me again.  
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you sound like me , i had a dx of adenomyosis have a laporascopy , i was shedding irregularly, had my hyste at 30 yrs and rt salping and appendectomy , i am also hypo thryoid with same symptoms i am on synthyroid 37.5 mcg and vit D 50.000 iu 1 x week i would suggest thsi to your dr, my endocrinologist i am multi nodular goitor with hypo thryoid symptoms  i also had a gastro scope i have a hiatle hernia severe gastritis NO HPYLORIC bacteria maybe you do? and hyperplastic polyps so you sound like me i also drink vit b water propel ,  see a chiropractor you out of alignment also i am newly allergic to wheat or gluten and MSG  so you might want to start watching your food eat grits and cream of rice or oatmeal fried corn bread make  sure NO wheat or gluten or msg in your food , eat fresh fruits and vegs potatoes  rice etc NO PASTA unless its RICE flour buy BOBS REDMMILLS  gf products and see if you notice a change I DID i am losing wt without trying and swollowing metmucil capsules  cause of my IBS and now i am better
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