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Am I pregnant?

I have been on the Nuva Ring for months now and on September 4th me and my boyfriend had sex late at night and due to discomfort I took the ring out. Next morning I noticed I had left it out over night. I put it back in and did research, we had sex again and he came in me. I ended up putting a new nuva ring as directed and started a new 3 week cycle. ( I usually skip my period and do the 4 weeks) anyway on September 7th I took Plan B. I want to know opinions am I pregnant?
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I really doubt it.  The plan B was a bit of overkill.  You added a whole lot of extra hormones to your already hormonally regulated body.  So, I'd guess you are not pregnant but you may have some strange symptoms that 'feel like pregnancy' related to the extra hormones.  You may have some spotting, you may have tender breasts, etc.  To be sure, you can take a pregnancy test at 2.5 weeks after you had the sex.  But would guess it is negative.  good luck and come back and let me know!
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