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Am I pregnant? BFP, US shows nothing getting watery and bloody discharge

I am 33 years of age and have been married for the 2.8 years. We are TTC for the past 1 year. My LMP was on 20th of September 2017. I am pretty regular in terms of my AD and never missed a single month in my entire life. Usually it's 28 days cycle and I ovulate around 13th or the 14th day.
Me and DH, baby danced on 2nd Oct. As per my calculations, I ovulated on 3rd or 4th. Every thing was fine. We again made love on 15th.
I was suppose to get my AF on 17th, but it never started. No typical symptoms of AF or pregnancy. The only few symptoms were, pain in books while sleeping and mild abdominal cramps.
On 23rd, I was a week late and noticed light brown CM only after wiping with tissue after urinating. I thought, AF is about to come. The color of the CM was light brown with little abdominal cramps. It continued for 3 days, but no AF.
On the 11 day of missed period, which was 28th of Oct, I took a home pregnancy test in the morning, which showed a faint line. I was confused, so I booked an appointment with my gynecologist. She advised me to do some tests.
I took the following tests:
1. Serum BHCG 63.95 mlU/ml (which indicates 2 weeks of gestational age)
2. Serum Prolactin Level 26.42 ng/ml (which is higher then normal)
3. Haemoglobin 11.1 (which is mild anemia)
4. RBC, WBC and Platelets adequate and normal
5. Plasma Glucose Random 113.7 mg/dl (which is normal)
6. TSH Serum 2.50 uIU/ml (which is normal)
8. Blood Pressure 130/90 (which is high and I am taking Telmed AM for the past 1 year)
I visited my gynecologist in the evening with the reports and she gave me few medicines
1  Tranistat 500
2. Tocogen SR
3. MOX 250
4. Ecosprin 75
5. Duphaston 10
6. Folic Acid Tablet
After dinner at 10, I took all the medicines. I was fine for 2 hours. At around 12 in the midnight, I started feeling nausea, but not vomited. Loose motions, dizziness, complete  black out, sweating heavily and started severe abdominal pain. The sever pain was for 20 to 25 minutes.
DH was very worried and admitted me to the near by hospital at 1: 00 am. By that time BP and pulse rate became normalised and abdominal pain relieved. After an hour of observation, I have been discharged. I noticed dark brown CM only after wiping from tissue after urinating and light abdominal pain.
In the morning 29th Oct, I visited my gynecologist again. She asked me to do an ultrasound of the lower abdomen.
In the ultrasound, it is found that:
1. Urinary Bladder is adequately distended. No mass or calculus seen.
2. Uterus is normal in size measures 76*55*47 mm with normal shape
3. Myometrial echoes appear normal.
4. Endo myometrial junction is clearly defined. No mass is seen.
5. Bilateral ovaries are normal in size measuring 18*16 mm each.
6. Bilateral adenexa appear normal. No mass is noted.
7. No free fluid is seen in the peritoneal cavity.
8. Endometrial echo is central and thickened measuring approx 15.4 mm.
While performing the USG TVS, brown discharge was coming.
The radiologist advised me to repeat the USG TVS after 1 to 2 weeks as she has unable to see the embryo. She said it is too early to get the details in ultrasound. My gynecologist advised me to take bed rest for a week and go for the tests and ultrasound again.
I came back home without any satisfaction of mind. Today in the morning, I started feeling very wet. I noticed lots of clear transparent watery discharge which is very sticky and have tints of red blood in it. The conditional remained sane for 6 hours but now seen clear blood in the discharge.
I am heart broken. Don't know, it's AF started, or it's a miscarriage. Don't know is there any baby inside me or not. Read almost all the articles in internet from false pregnancy to ectopic pregnant. But not getting any satisfying answer. I am confused, weepy, tired, emotionally weak. In search of answers. This situation is killing me emotionally and mentally. I hope anyone could have helped me.

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I'm sorry you're going through this confusing time. I know it's hard not to worry when you really want a baby. I've tried to follow your post and I'm not sure what's going on. Did you have a positive pregnancy test? If so I do agree that this is worrisome. I would again call your doctor and perhaps they can begin performing hCG tests on you and which they have a baseline and the hCG supposed to increase every other day. This is one way to know if a miscarriage is happening. Please come back and let us now and I'll be thinking of you. Best of luck!
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