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Am I pregnant or could this be the start of AF?

Hi, me and my husband have been TTC for about 1year now averaging intercourse at least once a day sometimes more. my periods have always been pretty regular but this morning i noticed blood on my toilet paper when i wiped it hasn't been alot no need for a pad or tampon the blood is only present when i wipe. could i be pregnant or could this be the start of my period? btw AF is due tomorrow.
any advice?
Jayne x
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I am a 27 yrs old married lady, and my problem is that my periods are getting delayed, the date is near by but still i do not understand as why its getting delayed. But ya i am for sure that i am not pregnant as i and my hubby had not done any intercourse for a month or so. I am having similar pains as i have during my periods, plus i am not having ant symptoms of pregnancy, i mean no morning sickness, no breast tenderness etc. I am feeling just fine.

So can anyone please tell me what's wrong with me?? I and my husband are dam stressed out, Please Help.

Thanks in Advance.

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It could very well be your body telling you that your menstrual cycle is impending.  If your menstrual cycle doesn't start within 5-7 days of this incident I'd say that you could be preggers.  Don't stress over it because stressing will further delay your menstrual cycle, that is if you'll be receiving one this month.  Best wishes and God bless as well!
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