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Am I pregnant please help me !?

My boyfriend cummed on me and it was on his fingers and he fingered me really deep I bled for two days and now I’m 4 days late for my period. I’ve never been late for my period or missed it. I’m a virgin and This is the 2nd time he’s fingered me. Am I pregnant ? He also fit half the tip in but he could’ve possibly cummed but I think he didn’t but that is a possibility. Am I pregnant ? I’ve also started experiencing cramps today but I’m not having my period I’m sure I’ve missed it completely.  Can I get pregnant from fingering ?
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OK, you are saying he took fresh semen and put it immediately deeply into your vagina. But please don't panic. Stress itself can cause your period to be late. Also in general (though everyone is different), early pregnancy doesn't feel like cramps, a period coming on feels like cramps. To get pregnant, not only would sperm have to have survived the trip on your boyfriend's fingers, but you would have to have been ovulating at that time, and it's a pretty small time window to hit -- about 48 hours -- for your egg to be available and viable if sperm did survive. How long before your expected period was the sexual activity?
This happened 4 days before my period was meant to start. So does that make a difference? Thanks
Yes. You won't be ovulating 4 days before your next period. (Even given that your period was late by 4 days, you also wouldn't be ovulating 8 days before your period.) I'll look up a more complete explanation for you, but there is everything to suggest you are not pregnant and the cramps indicate your period is coming.
Here's something from an older post that might help.

"The starting event in the menstrual month is not the period but ovulation. You ovulate, and then your body waits 14-15 days to see if you're pregnant, and if not, it shakes off that month's lining.  It's a pretty standard space of time from ovulation to the next period, always 14-15 days. But a period only empties out the unneeded uterine lining. It doesn't trigger a new ovulation; the body ovulates again when it feels like it. (This is why some women have irregular cycles or long or short menstrual months. The time between ovulation and the next period remains constant at 14-15 days, but the time between the last period and the next ovulation is variable.)"

In short, you wouldn't have gotten pregnant so close to your upcoming period, your body wouldn't be producing an egg then. Add to this that you're crampy, and it all strongly suggests a period is imminent and not a pregnancy.

I might add, if you are a virgin because you want to be, getting close enough to have an ejaculating boyfriend "fit half the tip in" and to finger you with semen on his fingers is hardly the ideal way to remain a virgin, and doing this without birth control is a viable way to get pregnant. Talk to your mom and have her get you an ob/gyn appointment (and check for STDs while there -- he did put "half the tip" in, after all). If you can't have an honest talk with your mom about why you want to see the doc, tell her you think you have a UTI. If the penalties would be severe for her to even suspect you want to talk to the doc about birth control, then I'm sorry, but stop doing such high-risk sexual activities. One thing often leads to another in the heat of the moment, and you won't stay a virgin for long, not to mention the risks of pregnancy and STDs. Protect yourself, your boyfriend is clearly not interested in protecting you.
I just noticed that you said this was the second time he fingered you. When was the first time? (And was he equally casual about having semen on his fingers the first time?)
No he wasn’t the first time. It was just this time. And thanks so much for your help it was really reassuring
Glad to hear it. Take care of yourself, and please also re-think why you did what you did. I'm fine with a young woman being autonomous and in charge of her own sexuality, but hate to see her put herself in harm's way by not knowing what she is doing. Unless he was actually trying to get you pregnant, since the sex was unprotected your boyfriend had no business fingering you after getting semen on his hands, or putting "half the tip" in, or ejaculating anywhere near your exposed vagina. If you are doing such things you do risk pregnancy, and the world's worst reason is that you did them just because your boyfriend wanted to, so I hope you just did them through ignorance. Please look online for some reproductive education so you understand what "unprotected sex" means, and for heaven's sake, get on birth control, plus use condoms (against the risk of STDs). Sex isn't just about bodies, it's about maturity and the relationship, and if you can't get your boyfriend to understand these are the rules and not press you to do unsafe things, you deserve a better boyfriend.
I think we were both being careless and didn’t understand how serious it is bc we’re both young
It's serious, because young bodies are the healthiest and easiest to get pregnant, and a "shoot first, ask questions later"approach doesn't protect you from pregnancy. Try some educational websites written for teenagers to get some basic learning about the ovulatory cycle and contraception. Good luck!
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I do think it is very unlikely for anyone to get pregnant from fingering.  Normally it takes a penis inside the vagina for pregnancy to occur. It 'could' occur theoretically but is not that common.  Do as anniebrooke says and I wouldn't be terribly worried. Periods are late frequently though and typical reasons are changes in routine, illness, stress, weight gain or loss, or just a blip on the hormonal radar.  2.5 weeks after fingering, you can take a pregnancy test.  That's how long it normally takes to get a positive result if pregnant.  I'd buy some condoms just in case as this is getting closer to having actual intercourse and I'd demand your boyfriend wash his hands and not finger you with ejaculate on his hand.  
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Okay thanks so much !!
Let us know, okay?  

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