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Am I pregnant?

I thought I was pregnant from June 8th. My period did come on when it was due (Wednesday) which was the end of June, the last week. But I still thought I was pregnant. So I took a home pregnancy test on Saturday morning and it came out negative. My period was normal and heavy like it always is. But I'm still scared. I called someone that could help me and asked the same exact question as I'm asking here. They said it's very rare to bleed while pregnant. So please help me out.
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HI,I am glad to tell you that you are not pregnant. You cannot have a period while you are pregnant because both of these functions cannot happen at the same time.
  If you were pregnant and began menstruating, inevitably you would lose the pregnancy or have a miscarriage. Although you can't be pregnant and have a period at the same time, you can, in fact, experience vaginal bleeding and continue to be pregnant. These are two very different terms: vaginal bleeding and period, but it is usually vaginal bleeding that women confuse as their periods.
  As you said your period did come last week, then why do you still think you are pregnant? You had taken a home pregnancy test on Saturday morning and it came out negative, what is more, your period was normal and heavy like it always is. From all what you said,there is no evidence that can prove that you are pregnant, so please don't worry any more.
  I will tell you something to make you believe it.You cannot have a period while you are pregnant by the very biological definition and function of the two. Your cycle is what causes a period! Your body releases hormones during this cycle. Those hormones send signals to your reproductive organs to perform certain tasks. An increase in hormones causes an egg to be released from your ovaries. While it travels, a layer of blood and tissue thickens to protect the uterine wall. If the egg is not fertilized, hormone levels drop and you start your period as that extra thick layer of blood and tissue detaches itself and comes out.While you are pregnant, your body focuses on providing a healthy environment for the fetus. Your brain sends signals to your ovaries to stop the cycle so that the baby can grow. As a result, hormones continue to build and rise for the next nine months because it can't drop.If you continued to have a period while you were pregnant, it would be shedding the lining of the uterine wall. This lining is what helps to nourish your baby each month. So in biological terms, it makes no sense to have a period while you were pregnant and simply not possible.
  If you still insist that your are pregnant, then go to see a doctor and have the doctor complete another pregnancy test,and have him or her tell you why you are not pregnant. He or she will answer all your questions and explain to you what you want to know.

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If your period came as normal, no the odds are very very low. You don't have a true period while pregnant. It's physically impossible. Vaginal bleeding can happen, but it doesn't sound like this is the case for you.
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If u haev a period.how can u think u can eb still Preggo?not possible
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no - def highly unlikely - very rare to bleed, more so when as heavy as a period! also, the tests now are extremely accurate!! (most being 99%!!!)
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Even though I was bleeding, could it still vaginal bleeding?
But the test did come out negative and it was a little over two weeks after having sex. Was that too early?
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If it's unprotected sex, it could always be that. The odds are unlikely that it would be though.
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