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Anke and feet edema

I am a 78 1/2 year old white female. I had a total hip replacement 12/09/2010 and have had foot and ankle edema since.  Within the last few months, I have developed foot and ankle edema in the left foot as well.  I do not have any liver or pancreatic disease but just found out that I do have a gallstone.  I have no symptoms pertaining to the gallstone.  I have Hypothyroidism and am on Levothyroxin 100 mcg Monday through Friday, 50 mcg on Saturday and none on Sunday.  I am 5 feet 2 1/2 inches tall and weigh 163 lbs with a big belly.  According to a stress test done years ago, I have no heart problems and I am not hypertensive.

What do I need to do besides lose weight??  

Barbara M. Moody
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Hi there, I agree with thatquietgirl.  I would go in for a physical as soon as possible.  The three reasons she gives are very commonly involved in edema.  Congestive heart failure comes to mind and a stress test a while back is probably not good to rely on with regards to the status of your heart.  Good luck and please call your doctor as soon as possible for a work up.  good luck
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How are your kidneys? And please note that "a stress test done YEARS ago" does not mean you do not currently have heart problems.  You need to go in for a physical.  Edema can be related to heart, kidney, and diabetes.
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