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Anxiety about sex related things

Hi umm silly questions but can you get pregnant form like 3 drops of clear liquid (precum) that comes out of me after peeing and i forgot to flush and female got in like 3 or 4 min later. I have anxiety from this kinds of things since last month and whenever i lookup things online i always see like chances are very slim. Reasons that chances still exist to happen is freaking me out
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It's not a silly question.

"Precum" is a fluid that comes out of a guy when he gets an erection. It's produced by the Cowper's gland, and has no sperm in it at the beginning.

But if the guy has recently ejaculated (and the jury is out on how recently that has to be), there might be living sperm from that recent ejaculation hanging around in his urethra. Since the fluid from the Cowper's gland is body temperature and is travelling through the urethra on its way to ooze out when the guy gets an erection, some of those sperm can hitch a ride in the pre-ejaculatory fluid. So yes, "pre-cum" can contain viable sperm. That is the "reason that chances still exist" that you're freaking out about.

The folk wisdom is that if the guy pees before getting the second erection, it will wash out his urethra and there won't be sperm in it from the first erection and ejaculation. While peeing doubtless has a washing-out-the-urethra effect, I don't know how perfectly it does that, especially if you only peed one time and the ejaculation before that was relatively recent. I think in your position I would never rely on one time peeing after a recent ejaculation to remove all sperm. When a guy ejaculates, he produces about a teaspoon of semen (between 2 and 5 mililiters) and in each ml there are normally about 100 million sperm. Heck of a lot of sperm, one time peeing might miss a few.

So yes, as your reading is showing you, it's rare to get a girl pregnant that way. But this is a lot of the explanation for why having unprotected sex and "pulling out" can't be relied on to prevent pregnancy. There are so incredibly many sperm in an ejaculation, and who knows if the Cowper's gland fluid found some on the way out.

Try not to worry, you probably didn't get this particular person pregnant this particular time -- it isn't the easiest way to get someone pregnant. But unprotected sex is going to get someone pregnant sometime, and you really don't want that to happen when you are just having recreational sex. God invented condoms for a reason. Don't be casual about that. :-)
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That was helpful brother,one more question bro if you don't mind
My last ejaculation was last night means like 14 hours before the scenario i mention above, i was having precum after pee because i watch porn an hour ago and i get a little bit aroused by that . Is it still possible for sperm to contain in precum after pee even the last ejaculation happen like so many hours ago
Also incase i miss to mention bro i don't have unprotected sex , I'm freaking out about the precum that comes out of me is in the toilet bowl and I didn't flush female got in like 3 or 4 mins later , so i thought would she be pregnant by splash of water from the toilet bowl because i forgot to flush and also my last ejaculation was like 14 hours ago and i have precum because i watch porn and i get aroused by that can you pls answer bro u seemed like very intelligent guy It's weird question but my anxiety got worse day by day and I'm only a teenager and a virgin so i worry a lot this is freaking me out
Okay, if you're worried about (in an unlikely enough scenario) sperm getting into the toilet, then don't worry. It is not possible for someone to get pregnant by sperm that has been exposed to air, or to cold water. It would be dead.  Also, a female sitting and peeing is not going to splash water up into her vagina.

We sometimes get questions from guys who in a way fantasize that their sperm is very mighty, such that it will last on the soap in the shower or a towel or the handle of the door, as if they actually got semen on one of those surfaces (in the stories they tell, the door handle was not wet, the soap was only near the penis but not covered with semen, etc.) I think those are kind of a way for someone going through all the surprising changes caused by hormones, including generic attraction to females that is seen by them as wrong, to think sperm is more powerful than it actually is.

Look up "survival of semen on surfaces" or "survival of sperm in water" and you should get some useful info. Try to relax, there was no danger to the female in question. I think you might want to work on the anxiety.
So it is not possible even if the time difference is like max 5 mins,then it is a relief. thanks your answer really help me
Also can i ask like few more questions about that i have anxiety on. My country is lack of sex advisor and consultant and i tried to talk with online doctor and that didn't really help but your answers are specific. if
You can ask, but I might point out that we also have a Men's Health community in MedHelp where there are smart people who answer questions. There are also online resources for questions about sexual things (I mean, health-education oriented sites, not naughty sites.) Planned Parenthood would be an example. Finally, you might google topics related to anxiety.
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