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Anyone else use Seasonique (Birth Control)?

I just started using Seasonique (used to be called Seasonal) Dec 19,2006 and I'm hoping there will be some ladies on here that can provide me with some feed back. I was hoping I would be able to read the insert that was supposed to come with the filled prescription, but the pharmacy didn't include it in the bag. Anywho, can anyone tell me if they had swollen, sore breast and sore nipples when they first started taking this type of bc? My stomach is also a little tender to the touch. I'm just wanting to see if anyone else experienced these side effects when first starting this type of bc. I used to use the Nuva Ring prior to the switch. Also, for those of you who have been using this type of bc for awhile, how do you like it? I'm still trying to get used to taking a pill daily, I've only had to double up twice so far. Thanks in advance for your feed back.
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I've been on seasonal for  1 1/2yrs.  It took a few months for my body to totally accept it. I kept having break through spotting. But since that stopped, everything has been great I've had no problems. You may just be experiencing the normal, 'get used to the pill' symptoms. Give it some time.
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Hey anna --

I was on Seasonale for about 3 years... I loved it. I actually just switched though. I had NO side effects in the beginning - no spotting ever, and I LOVED only getting my period 4x a month. I switched because I found I was having side effects within the past 6 months or so - same thing happened with my sister - no side effects until a couple years in... weird.

What I was experiencing was night sweats occasionally (my sister was getting them every night - and couldn't handle it - so she went off) It was annoying but not bad. Then I noticed a decrease in sex drive, and a few other things that i feel may have been associated, but I'm not sure. I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen for about 7 years before - and decided to go back on it this past Sunday. Also - by switching I'm saving about $500 a year! My health insurance didn't cover Seasonale but it does cover Ortho - SO, i'm taking Ortho like Seasonale, and paying for the extra packs! Hopefully it will work out.. we'll see..

ANYWAY - long story - but I loved Seasonale for a long time, after taking it a while my periods were only about 3 days long which was great!
Good luck with it!!
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They now have a generic seasonale available.
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isn't "Seasonique", as mentioned by the original poster, the generic brand?

I thought about switching to that - but decided to go back to the old faithful pill...
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Thanks Ladies for your feedback. That's very encouraging.
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seasonanique is the bcp that lets you basically skip all periods. Seasonale you have 4 per year.
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I have been on Seasonique for about 6 weeks and I feel so weird!  I had always taken ON 7/7/7 but my gyn wanted to switch me because I was having some post-menstruation problems, like feeling pretty blue for a few days and I was getting headaches.  So when I first started taking it, no problems but the last month I have just not felt like myself.  I feel VERY anxious, worrying about crazy stuff-like I'm going to die, have gained a few pounds, breasts/nipples very tender, feel bloated and gassy, my libido is almost zilch (this is a huge change for us), I feel tired and achy all the time, and lastly my lips are staying dry and chapped.  I know these sound really strange but the only thing I can relate it to is Seasonique.  I have always been very healthy and active but now I just don't feel like doing anything. I'm 35 with 3 children and very happy with my life but HELP!!
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I have been on Seasonique for now 8 weeks. I've had break through bleeding for 3 of the 8 weeks and it isn't showing any signs of stopping. I've had period like symptons during the 8th week. I called the doctor and they keep telling me that it's just my body getting used to the pill. Has anyone else experience these type of symptoms?
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I just read your comments and wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I have the same exact feelings. Its driving me crazy with how uncomfortable I am right now in my own body. I've called the drs office several times and they keey telling me the samething...just give the pill sometime. UGH!
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I am on my 5th week of Seasonique. I have had NO break thru bleeding, but I am having severe breast tenderness, almost to the point of not being able to  sleep, wear a bra. I am a 38 yr old mother of 3. I had my tubal in 1998, had severe endometriosis a year ago and had Laparoscopic ablation performed. That seemed to help with the bleeding some and cured my right sided abdominal pain, but the last few months my periods have been extremely heavy, which is causing my counts to bottom out, and Iwas diagnosed anemic,I got migraines with them, and from the bloodloss, extreme fatigueso bad I could not go to workor hardly do household chores.
My GYN decided to put me on Seasonique,  and last monthwhen it was time for my period, I had NO reaction. No cramping, no bloating, no irritability, nothing except breast tenderness.
How about anybody else?
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Rassward and Jlh,

I am at the end of my 5th week of Seasonique.  I had barely any breakthrough bleeding, maybe a dot or two.  I was on Mircette for 5 years before this, which had a lower hormone dosage, and had desogestrel instead of levonorgestral.  I didn't think it was the pill, but I am usually a very active person, and I have been feeling very lazy and lethargic all the time.  My breasts are VERY tender to the point where wearing a bra to sleep is the only thing that helps.  I have definitely gained at least 3-5 lbs, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere!

Am I supposed to stick it out and keep feeling yucky or should switch back to my birth control that I had basically no problems with except minor breakthrough bleeding? I start my first real job next week and I had to buy all new work clothes b/c I didn't fit into ones I had already! Any opinions??
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I started taking Seasonique for PMDD. On the day that I would have started my period, I had some breakthrough bleeding. It got worse, so I stopped taking it altogether. My family and friends also noticed that my moods were very erratic -- worse than when I started taking the pill! I don't need it for birth control, so I just stopped.

My last pill was on Saturday night. I already mentally and emotionally feel better, but the bleeding is still there. When can I expect it to stop?
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