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Anyone ever experienced loose bowels with slow motility and pelvic floor issues?

I recently saw my gastro doctor about having loose bowel movements.  I have been diagnosed with slow motility a few years ago and had been having constipation issues.  A few months ago my husbands work announced they were closing, so we have been stressed.  The episodes of loose stools started a week later.  Now it is about every three days.  It is not diarrhea, just loose.  I had a colonoscopy three years ago.  She said this is not unusual with slow motility, the colon stretches out like pantyhose.  She said to bump up the psyllium seed fiber, and that she would order another colonoscopy if it did not improve.  This is week two with more fiber but I am not seeing a change.  I don't want anothe colonoscopy because I have to be put under and I dont want general anesthesia if not absolutely necessage ( I have cardiomyopathy) She also said pelvic floor issues add to it.  Anyone have any familiarity with anything like this?  I am a 60 year old woman, who had a hysterectomy years ago.  I don't know if it is stress or if I should be looking into it further.  I know it is not generally a female issue but I really need feed back and did not see a board that was for bowel issues.
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Hm, honestly surprised loose stools would warrant a colonoscopy.  That's not really that common to have for this type of issue that I'm aware of.  But I do want to tell you about the newest and easiest thing to do which is cologuard.  It's an easy way to get results that are similar to a colonoscopy.  You get the kit at home, put the lining in your toilet and go.  Pull the lining out, put some drops in it and send off to the lab.  It's 95% accurate!  Only down side is if they do suspect something, you have to have the regular colonoscopy. But it is less invasive and less money than the traditional colonoscopy and would imagine you'd be a great candidate if they push you need that.  So, to me, this makes sense that you have loose stools during a stressful time.  I often do as well.  Important to just increase your water intake for hydration.  I eat something like a spinach salad and it helps.  Have you tried a probiotic?  Those are very helpful also.  

I'm not sure about the pelvic floor correlation.  But your doctor has made it so if I were you, I'd investigate how to improve that.  Two things that come to mind are visiting a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor strengthening.  Yes, they exist.  You could also try on your own yoga that targets that area.  If you put that into your search engine, you will get lots of results from videos to watch to learn how or follow along or just instructions.  

good luck
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Thanks for your reply.  I had polyps back thirteen years ago, so I get a colonoscopy every five years.  I have been taking probiotics for several years due to bladder infections and a fallen bladder, so that answer is yes.  I am trying core and pelvic floor exercises and the bumped up my fiber but I still get loose stools every three days or so.  Not sure why. I wonder about the stress factor.  My husband is going to be out of a job in two weeks now, so the stress is building.  
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