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Are MRI’s examined for everything?

My gyno ordered a pelvic MRI to check for something specific.  I suspect there might be something else wrong.  Will the MRI be examined for any and all abnormalities, or only to diagnose/rule out the specific condition she thinks I probably have?
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Any issues or abnormalities in the area will show up in a pelvic MRI. Unless the doctor refuses to look, he or she will see your entire pelvic area revealed by the MRI. If you don't trust your doctor to look for the thing you are worried about, once you have the MRI in your files, ask for another doctor to look at it for the thing you are worried about.
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Thank you!
I might add, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg today had successful surgery for two small spots of cancer in a lung. A doctor who was being interviewed said she was lucky because it was caught very early. Guess how it was caught. She had broken some ribs, and it was caught due to the scans relating to the broken ribs. So, never think that if a doctor is reading an X-ray or an MRI, he or she only looks at one thing.
That is exactly what I needed to hear.  Thank you.
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