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Areola and nipple changes

Hi guys,
I have been freaking out recently, I'm 27yo female, and maybe half a year ago or more I noticed my right nipple being a bit darker that the left(but keeps changing color when I shower or when I'm cold)
Didn't think much of it till 1 month ago when I felt some pain. I went to the doctors, she thought it might be skin irritation, gave me advantan, it made it worse. My areola was becoming reddish. This was during ovulation, then few days later it went back to normal. Another doctor thought the darker nipple is just a normal skin condition (at this point, my areola was normal)

I had an ultrasound, it showed 6 fibroadenomas(most probably) in my right breast (1 in the other), radiologist said to do another ultrasound in a 2-3months to see how it goes.

1 month later, again during ovulation, my areola started becoming more red again and painful. This has been lasting for two weeks now. My breast is sore, a bit swollen, reddish areola and darker nipple.
I don't have a family history of breast cancer, but I am really scared atm. The GP referred me to a women's clinic, and I am waiting for their call. Until then I don't know what else I can do, I am just hoping it will go away after my period(which is due in 2 days).

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