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Armpit swelling

Last week I noticed my left armpit was swollen and slightly tender to the touch and when I raised my arm up.  It is the entire axilla area that is swollen and I have found one tiny pea size bump in the upper back corner of my armpit that is tender to the touch. I saw my OBGYN and she felt it was due to some kind of infection and prescribed antibiotics.  After 2 days on them the swelling had gone down and tenderness was gone.  I was so relieved.  Today, however, (the 3rd day on antibiotics) the swelling is back a bit and the tenderness is back although not as tender as before.  This whole episode is scary to me because I had a (very small) squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer 13 months ago.  Does the make sense that an infection would cause the swelling to go down after 2 days only to come back the 3rd day?  I did have three places on my left arm from under the skin pimples that I had squeezed and were very red and tender.  They got better on that second day of antibiotics and I felt that the swelling could have been due to them but why is it back today??  I would appreciate any thoughts or guidence as to anything I can do to further help this situation so I can stop worrying.
Thank You!!
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I would run through the antibiotics as your doctor directed, and if things do not get better or if they get worse, I would go back to that doctor or get a second opinion. Good luck, and let us know how everything goes. Feel better.
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