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Arreola itchy and scaly don't know what to do

Last year I had an issue with my areola being itchy and the skin off of it kind of started shedding, besides that I also had extremely dry and itchy skin on my armpits and my inner upper arm. I had this sort of watery-yellow discharge from the areola, but not the nipple and the doctor gave me antifungal cream but it didn't work very well. Eventually the itch and the sort of rash went away. I've been having the same problem for the last two weeks and I'm really worried of what it might be. I cannot consult a dermatologist since the hospitals here only accept patients with really bad medical issues due to the pandemic
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Assuming it's a fungal infection, don't be surprised if it's kind of stubborn. People who get ringworm, for example, report that it takes a really concerted effort to get rid of it. Do you still have the antifungal cream? If not, talk to a pharmacist and see if there is a good over-the-counter antifungal that deals with tinea.
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