oka ive never done any question sites like this before
im 16 and expecting.
ive gotten myself into the bad situation of becoming a teen mother. the babys father is in the picture. i just need to know what to expect. how much is prenatal care cost (approximatly)? where can i go to get it? what am i in for? i just need some advice on this one here. on anything
im scared and excited. please someone help me out.
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I would love to chat with you more about this. I was a teen mom as well and the dad was in the picture in the beginning. Dont let anyone tell you cant do anything because you are a single mom.
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your going to need a bit of prenatal care and no one can give you about how much it will cost you. it depends on your insurance. you should get a book all about pregnancy because its a lot more than anyone can really tell you. im asumming your parents are in the picture as well....they should be able to help you
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The book "what to expect when your expecting" is a really good book to have. it helped me a lot in my first pregnancy. It explains what happens each month in your pregnancy and covers labor and false labor and basically everything you need to know. As to cost, I really have no idea. it'll depend on your insurance. If you do not have insurance now, you really need to get some, as the expenses can get into tens of thousands of dollars.
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it is tens of thousands of dollars for the delivery and hospital stay alone. i did get to see the bill from mine and the boys hospital stay (before we sent it into the insurance company) and just for ONE of my boys (i had twins) it was over $12,000.

if you live in the states you can apply for medicaid if you don't have insurance. however since you're still a minor you MAY (i'm not sure..depends on the insurance carrier) be able to stay on your parents insurance, if your b/f gets insurance through his work you and baby maybe able to get on that. if not...medicaid is your best bet. you would apply through the welfare office in your county.

there are a bunch of books you can read. what to expect when expecting, what to expect the first year, the happiest baby on the block, the nursing mothers companion, the vaccine book and for a good laugh read belly laughs.
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