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Back pain

Hi am having back pain for a long time...sometimes it getting worse...I can't even bend sometimes...I consulted with doctor they said there is no problem with the bones..he told me to do exercise but its not helping...is there any solution for my back pain?
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Lower back pain....correct?

What's your activity level like?

Taking anything for pain relief, i.e. Motrin?

Any imaging, i.e. xray, MRI, CT, done?
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You are right...lower back pain only....

I will do some exercises which are usual and some said by doctor...

Am not taking any medicine

Doctor said no problem so we dint take any xray

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You can try over the counter meds and see if they help with the back pain.  

How long have you been doing the exercises?  

Well....I definitely would recommend you try not to sit for long periods of time and be as active as possible.  You can also try warm heat too.  

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