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Bacterial Vaginosis After sex

OK i know theres a bunch of threads on here about this but im supper busy to read all of them right now, I had sex with him without a condom 2 days ago now i stink down there. Ive had BV before but i wasnt sure if he triggered it since i dont see him often. But that time it didnt stink like fish the discharge just burned.Now my discharge stinks, this is new to me. I dont know what to do,im tired of going to the GYN and buying meds. I dont use soap or douche down there just water i also take probiotics. I know someone out there has solved this issue! i dont want to be gettin BV everytime i have seX with my bf please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stress it enough we are having relationship problems and this might be the cherry on top sad
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