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Bacterial infections increased with the use of Adderall

I've been taking Adderall for under a year now for ADD symptoms. It works great but at the beginning it gave me symptoms of an eating disorder and major anxiety. After about 6 months of use my appetite came back and the anxiety has decreased however, now I notice an increase in bacterial infections throughout my body including BV, Folliculitus (not diagnosed as of yet), upper respiratory infections, and the flu. Are there any other women in this forum that are having similar issues with bacterial infections while taking this medication and can anyone tell me why this is? I love what the medication does for my mind but i'm not too keen on being sick or having constant ailments. Thanks!
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Hi there.  No, I don't think there is a link.  Wouldn't really make sense why there would be based on how that medication works and bacterial vaginosis links.  

BV is hard to eradicate once you have it.  And often our partner can pass it right back to us.  It's not technically an std but it passes from partners---  that is why often doctors use flagyl with our partner as well as us.  It is also a good idea to wear loose underwear, cotton and change it often especially after any time you've been sweating.

If you think you are immune compromised, talk to your doctor.  If you are in school or starting your career which is stressful and that in itself can bring our ability to fight things down.  

Many people who have add are able to manage without medication.  A combination of muscle work and deep pressure helps organize the nervous system and slow it.  Exercises like swimming for example do this.  
Weight training is good.  These things help regulate the nervous system.  (as you know, ADD is an issue with the nervous system).  

But no, I have never read of a link between that medication and the issues you are having.  good luck
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Hey and thank you for your reply! :) The only reason I linked them was because I did run across a women's health forum a few days ago online that was blowing up over this issue. I know that there are many other women and even one guy I found on here earlier this morning that are having a string of bacterial infections only after taking the medication. I'm just mainly curious as to why that would or could happen.
Yes, BV is horrid! I had been married for 10 years and then dated two men afterwards and the very minute I slept with the 2nd man, BOOM came BV! It laid asleep for awhile but since I've been on this medication, it's been a non stop battle :( flagyl? what is that?
Yes, I am concerned that i have an auto immune deficiency and I know I need to get to a DR but it is hard to fit in a budget with no insurance and being a single mom. it's doubly hard lately since I recently was laid off :( I'm keeping positive and a health journal now so when I can manage it, I'm off to a DR with a loaded set of questions :) I also figured stress is a huge factor for me right now because I am literally facing every challenge humanly possible. Trying to get a grip and I must say...I'm still somewhat sane so so far so good lol
I did try to manage ADD without meds after my diagnosis but I did mostly diet change and I found myself sleeping standing up and losing weight and I'm already rail thin so I opted to try the meds. It has some side effects but they seem to be nothing in comparison to the benefits. Now if I find out that it is what is compromising my immune system or attributing to my bacterial infections, I will quickly stop but I'm hoping that is not the case hence the post here.
Thanks for your time and I appreciate the advice! :)
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Perhaps you can find a clinic to try and get some medical help??  Also, if you are in the US, there are supposed to be affordable options coming for insurance and healthcare.  Fingers crossed that this helps you out so you can be seen.

Flagyl is the drug often used to eradicate bacterial vaginosis.  If you haven't been on that . . .   well, that is what you should probably try next.  
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Oops.  Hit post too soon.  anyway, good luck.  

And I'm sorry that bam, the bv shows up.  that stinks!  

Just an FYI, add in some of the weight training and exercise like swimming and see if it helps.  I'd hit the ADD from all angles!  peace and luck
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I believe adderal does contribute to bv. I have only had one yeast infection in my life, from antibiotics use, and never had any female problems. I am not promiscuous, one sex partner, and have had bv since taking adderal. An extremely mild case, but none the less, it's there. I am quitting the adderal. I can function without it, I'm just messy and disorganized, but better than BV!!
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BV and yeast infections are not the same addgirlnotadaddy.  There is no link based on science.  good luck
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I read a forum recently where a TON of other women complaining about the same problems since taking Adderall. I had BV one time almost 3 years ago and quickly subsided after taking probiotics and some other herbs. But since taking Adderall, I have had a STRING of bacterial infections and not just BV! I agree...it's not worth it so I'm seeing my DR today to discuss coming off of the meds. any suggestions for alternatives?
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I have had BV problems since I started taking Adderall xr, and wellbutrin.  I actually went off these drugs - and the BV went away.  I believe these drugs cause an imbalance of PH levels in the vagina, thus causing vaginal infections.  I recently went back on adderrall after being off about 1 year (with no BV during that year) and guess what....after a month of starting to take the adderral again - HELLO BV.  The main problem I have been having was vaginal burning sensation (no odor, itching, etc..), which is why my obgyn suggested that I have a PH imbalance issue, and recommended take RePHresh for this problem.  It helped, but the infection only went away completely when I went off the medication (adderral and wellbutrin).  Hope this helps some women out there!  
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I have had problems with skin leasions that eventually lead to staff infection and empitago. I have taken many rounds of antibiotics only to have the leasions  reoccur after my prescription is finished.   I also suffer from my hair feeling as though it is growing into my scalp.  My hair seems to have changed and feels like I have cowlicks all over.  It is hard to keep my hands out of my hair.  I have been on aderall about six years and these simptoms started three years ago. It feels like I could have parasaites under my skin.  But I often wonder if all these weird symptoms could be caused by the aderall.  Whatever I have is defiantly some type of infection that just comes and goes no matter what remedy I try.  Sweating makes the leasions worse.  Anyone experiencing symptoms like this out there?
Oh my god.... i am having the EXACT SAME ISSUES. I cant believe how spot on your post was to my recent ailments. If you still get notifications about this post please right back. I have so many questions. I refusrd to believe the adderall was to blame but wow... i could use a chat with someone who actuslly understands. - D
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Hi  my message has to be sent in segments. Tech issue.... Yes Adderal, Dexedrine, and most main ADHD medication does slightly compromise the immune system.  But that compromise can build up in time. Doctors usually recommend a patient take breaks from it ....
Cont...they are Amphetamines....similar chemistry as meth-amphetamine. Without the meth.most of us seen photos of what that does to people. Now don't get scared,  your ADHD meds won't turn you into anywhere near that phase but....cont..
But it can do strange things if abused. I've been on dexedrine for years but my doc gets me off it when I'm on holidays from work or when in school during summer holidays..just to give the body a break...cont
Not sure if BV is a problem caused by the medication for ADHD, or if that along with other things play a role together. Ie: antibiotics..high stress...in the past I had BV for years.was put on antibiotics so often to get rid of it. But was only kept at bay for about a week...then symptoms returned...this is where it gets good...
I did a bit of research and found out that apparently probiotics may be useful in helping get rid of BV. So I went out n bought the best brand and the bottle with the highest numbers of bacteria. I even used 2-3 capsules as a vaginal suppository...cont
I would take them daily. Sometimes taking one or two more than recommended dose and suppository them the same day .I was on a mission to get rid of BV radically as it was effecting my life. Cont..
...these little critters worked wonders .I've been BV free now for years. I know They even helped me feel generally better physically and mentally.They rid my body of intestinal and vaginal bad bacteria. I made sure I took enough to win the battle to take over and balance natural bacteria with them being the more abundant..cont..
probiotics help restore  balance of 'good bacteria' to help combat the bad bacteria.  It's particularly helpful to make sure you take when taking antibiotics.   The problem with BV is it is so difficult to totally eradicate and often a sexual partner of a women with resilient BV is also given the antibiotics. BV can be passed back and forth.  And some women have it due to things like . . .  this sounds weird, but needing to change underwear a couple of times a day.  the bacterial pathogen of BV is very happy in dark, airless, moist environments.  Changing underwear switches it up, making sure undies are always dry and never damp like after you work out or something and even occasionally sleeping with no underwear to 'air it out'.  All seems to help.  good luck
One more thing I had to stop was sugar consumption. That was the hard part. But bad bacteria feeds of sugar and can grow fast. I found in research that if you are on antibiotics. As soon as you finish the bottle.  Start consuming probiotics right away to  put back all the good bacteria that the antibiotics also killed while killing the bad ones...
Not only have they worked wonders for my BV they also work for my yeast Infections that usually we all get after taking antibiotics.  So thats about it. Try try try to incorporate these little miracle workers as a regular part of your life.  You can take them even when your sick. They offer so much more than just helping us poop more often...
I sure hope they work for you all.let me know in time. Time frames for effectiveness may vary for diff people but results should not be longer than a month. May need to take always to keep BV at bay. But well worth it . I hope it works for you all the way it has worked for me. Oh ya and they are extremely safe.
*****  I do want to caution anyone from going outside of manufacturers directions and taking more than the recommended dose of anything.  good luck
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