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Bad tasting breast fluid

Husband complains that breast fluid tastes bad.  What can cause this and how can I stop it?  I know this sounds gross, but it really embarrasses me to have him think I taste bad.  I am not nursing and I am sure it is normal breast fluid, but haven't ever heard of anybody else having this problem.
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What do you mean by "normal breast fluid"?  If you are not nursing, then it's not normal to have breast fluid.
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it is normal to have a little bit. I had this a few years ago, I had never been pregnant and fluid would come out if I squeezed my breasts. I went to the dr and she told me that it was normal but not to squeeze them.

about the tasting bad thing, I have no clue, sorry.

Take Care
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It is normal to have some breast fluid throughout your adult life.  You wouldn't know you had any if you didn't express it in some way or another.  It is minimal and am not sure if it is still considered lactating or not since it has been 10 years since I have breast fed.
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Well, learn something every day I guess.  I haven't lactated in 15 years, but I've never had "breast fluid" like that.  At any rate, here is what WebMD has to say about it...

Nonspontaneous discharge that occurs only when you press on your nipple is usually normal and occurs in the majority of women at one time or another. The discharge can be clear, cloudy, white, yellow, green, or brown. The more the nipple is pressed or stimulated, the more fluid is discharged. This type of nipple discharge does not usually indicate a problem.

Spontaneous discharge of fluid or blood from a nipple is a concern, except during pregnancy and breast-feeding. This type of discharge occurs without pressing or stimulating the nipple. Galactorrhea is one type of spontaneous nipple discharge and may be a side effect of a medication or caused by a noncancerous tumor in the pituitary gland (pituitary adenoma), decreased thyroid function (hypothyroidism), or certain types of cancer.

Call your doctor if you have spontaneous nipple discharge or a discharge from only one nipple (unilateral) or that looks like blood

Doesn't say a word about if it tastes bad!!
thank u ..please let me know ...is  lacting of liquid happens in pregnancy or without pregnancy...i am 21 year old lady...
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Maybe u dont actually taste 'bad' its just thats the way it tastes. Its like if you was breastfeeding for example ur baby would love it but hubby would prb think its yuk! But then its not for him is it! So maybe its just something like that? Maybe tell him to stop 'milking' u :-P

Another thing, having read the above post maybe he should stop a while cos maybe he's actually stimulating it to carry on? Just an idea
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Loved the "milking" comment.  ha ha  Not sure if him refraining for a while would do anything since he is gone out of town for months at a time sometimes and we still have the same thing going on when he gets back.  Oh well, thanks for trying to help guys.  It was worth a shot to ask here.  I'm too embarrassed to mention it to my doctor.
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