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Bartholin Cyst/ Abscess

Hi, I have what I am 99% sure is a Bartholin Cyst or abscess since it is painful, tender & swollen. I am a medical technician who spent 2 years treating regular abscess' so I kind of know what I am in for but have never dealt with the bartholin gland type.
I am worried because I know that it is very difficult to anesthetize and abscess locally. I am hoping I am not too late for antibiotic/ sitz bath therapy.
I am in the US Army which is unfortunately similar to an HMO, so I still haven't seen a doctor. I first noticed this thing on Wednesday and it has grown and become more painful since then. Today, it hurts to walk , or even sit. It is the size of a small grape.
I am wondering, does antibiotics even help?
Also, I have been doing some research on the "word catheter". Why is the opposite end tucked into the vagina? What is the recovery process like with this in? Will I be able to work as a medical assistant/  can I exercise/ and how will this work when I start my period?

Any info could would be appreciated.

Also, this may be far fetched but I am stationed in Germany so I will most likely receive the treatment in a German Hospital, when the Army finally gets around to seeing me. Does the German method of typical treatment differ from; word catheter treatment?

"praying the Germans are huge believers in general anesthesia"
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Di you get the bartholin cyst taken care of?  I think I have the same thing and am just wondering how the treatment went.
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Hi, i am 26 years old and I had a bartholin's abcess almost a year ago, i wwent to the hospital and they lanced it and sent me home with anti-biotics and pain killers. Two days later I had returned severley in bad shape next thing I know I had a failing liver, and kidneys while going to the same hospital for these obvious adverse reactions. I ended up having to be in the hospital for a month and three days, I would really like to understand if at all possible if the lancing of that abcess had anything to do with me now being a renal failure patient on hemodialysis at the age of twenty-six!!! I cry everyday damn near because i not understanding how this could have damaged the rest of my body and two vital organs permanantley. If some one has an answer or thought on this subject please respond.
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I have had a problem with my bartholins gland for about 10 years now. It comes and goes and has been the size of a golf ball once. When it was that large I had it lanced and also stuffed with antibiotic gauze to soak up all the stuff inside. I was sent home with antibiotics and pain pills as well. This was in 08, since then it has only came back once and was only the size of a grape and antibiotics caused it to go away. I am routinely checked for this to have surgery on it where a small catheter is put in to help it drain properly. My Dr has said that this is a small procedure that should heal in a couple days and all regular activities can be resumed. The only problem is with me every time this has happened by the time my appt comes around it is gone and they can not do the surgery unless the cyst is there. You say you have not seen a Dr. you really should asap because if it gets large and ruptures the puss inside is not good for your body!!! Please see a dr asap and try and get antibiotics.
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