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Bartholins cyst - inflammation 2 years ago, still swollen?

So, 1,5-2 years ago,my right Bartholins cyst became very painful, and grew in size. It took a couple of weeks before the pain vanished.
But I just noticed that I can still feel the lump. I can't really feel the left one.

Is it normal the swelling stays? Maybe it's just scar tissue?
It'snot tender, just feels like a tiny hard ball.
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It never grew big enough to pop by the way.
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Well, that's annoying!  Did you have a doctor diagnose the cyst and monitor it?  

So, next time when at the doctor, show them.  Do you get regular ob/gyn appointments?  Every woman should have a pap smear once a year.  So, that is a great time to get medical examination of it.  It is probably still there but has changed as a B cyst can often just be a lump.

What you can do now are a few things to see if it helps.  Dab tree tea oil on it (can get almost anywhere these days but definitely at health food stores), try a sitz bath (fill tub with warm water about 3 inches and soak for a bit), take a probiotic (pill form or drink one of the smoothies daily---  this will help lots of things unrelated to this like digestive health, etc.), you can try dabbing apple cider vinegar on it with a cotton swab.  Those are just some home remedy ideas to try.  

But I'd get it checked.  Does it bother you other than just being there?
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