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Been having dark brown period what is the cause?

Last month I had a very light period it started of wiping and it being pink so I thought I was coming on AF and wore a pad for rest of day/night and only couple drops of brown blood then period care was very light flow and dark red blood for 4 days I only had slight cramping in day 1 of AF (my period is usually very heavy and painful) I am now on second month period was week late and old brown blood again no red blood for about 4 days slight cramping for few days before period I have taken a pregnancy tests both months and both negative the second test looked like it had a slight line but not sure please help
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Just so I understand, the second test had a slight line. possibly?  How many days ago did you take the pregnancy test?  If you think you saw a slight line, I'd wait a few days and test again- that should make the line more clear if it is a positive.  
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