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Big bump under arm that keeps coming back?

I have a big bump under my arm and it keep coming back. It comes back in the same shape and place under my arm and today it popped because of the way my arm was positioned, and some stuff that was not thick like pus but had the consistency of like syrup. And I squeezed it a little more then I seen blood so I stopped and now I have a tissue under my arm and theres brown stuff on it like old blood. And I also put vaseline in it and that didn't help. I've had it before but it has never popped and I changed back to my old deodarant because I ran out of the other one. But when I used secret clinical strength for sensitive skin I never had this problem. I had a pilidonial cyst before and I get pimples a lot on random places on my body like my ear and underarm. What should I do? And I'm a 15 yr female.
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I have had this happen to me.  It stopped when I started using anti-bacterial soap to wash with and using a good razor to shave with and only using each blade once.  They were very painful!!  Try getting some anti-bacterial body wash like Dial (read to make sure it's got an anti-bacterial component) and invest in a better razor (disposables are harsh) I actually tried my husbands razor with a fresh blade and it's been so much better.  (Gillette Fusion)  

When the abscesses happen try wetting a washcloth and putting it in the microwave to warm it a bit and put the warm compresses on the site. That will help to bring the abscess to a head and allow it to rupture.  Don't squeeze it, cover it and allow it to drain on it's own.  You can put Neosporin or and antibacterial ointment on it, Vaseline is bad, it allows germs to breed.  There is also a product called Boil Eaze that has Benzocaine in it to help with the pain.  Don't make it too hot or you will burn your underarm.  You can also try using a spray deodorant to avoid re-contamination from the stick deodorants.  Once it's healed you can switch back to the Secret Clinical Strength.  If they continue to come back have it checked by a doctor, he/she can culture it to find out what is causing the problem.  
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