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Bilateral ovarian cyst

I've been having abdominal and pelvic pain for a month now. I went to the ER end of June because of it and was told nothing was wrong, to follow up with my GP. I did and he sent me a referral to a GI - I am now getting a colonoscopy and endoscopy on July 31. Well, I went to the ER again because on July 18 the pain in my pelvis was severe and very tender with back pain. I first saw Urgent Care but she did not like how tender I was and sent me to the ER. They found bilateral ovarian cyst via another CT scan. Left is 3.5cm and right is 3cm. I am continuing to have pain, especially if I am active for the day - Even just walking around a couple stores. I am seeing an obgyn on Aug 11 and want to know what sort of treatment I can expect? I had a 3.5 year old and I can't just lay around the house to avoid any pain and I'm starting work next week. OTC pain medication doesn't help much, even if I take it prior to any activity. Any advice and experience is appreciated. ALSO! Sorry, but I have ovarian cancer and breast cancer in my family. My grandmother on my dads side died of ovarian cancer and her sister died of breast cancer. My aunt on my moms side has breast cancer. Other family members who have passed from cancer: grandmother - stomach cancer and my mom had colon cancer.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi there.  Almost every woman at some time in their life gets a cyst.  I've had one as well. They created pain and heavy bleeding but it passed on its own.  They typically are not dangerous.  Remember, a cyst is not a mass . . .   it Is a fluid filled sac.  Doctors either recommend waiting for it to pass, treating with birth control pills and occasionally surgery.  So, don't be afraid and talk to your doctor.  Doubtful that cancer is a concern at all for this.  good luck
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I had cysts before starting birth control, and I have been on birth control because of it for months now. The previous cyst bursted and it was awful. I am having the same if not worse symptoms and I think it may be a cyst coming back. Its the same as you. Tender on one side, pressure feeling, chronic slight pain.
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Hi @ specialmom, I kind of felt relief that you don't need a surgery for a cyst, I thought it has to be removed. I am going through so much pain lately (pelvis + abdominal pain + groin, all left side) and someone listed the symptoms of ovarian cyst on my thread / question. Actually, since I was diagnosed with endometriosis 3 years ago the doctor recommended last week I should try contraceptive pills.
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I have tried a couple different BC pills and each gave me severe anxiety, depression and I had weight gain. I would rather surgery to have them remove then experience the anxiety and depression again. It was debilitating.
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I think I'll feel better with an ultrasound. Looking forward to my appointment. I know most women get cyst each month that go away on their own but experiencing these symptoms have been horrendous and not something I want to wait and see if they go away. I'm due for my period coming up, which is before my doctors appointment, so I guess we will see what happens when I get it.  The pain has gotten to the point that I don't even need to be active in order for it to spur up.. Most of yesterday consisted of severe back pain, cramping and pressure and I hadn't been active for three or four days :(
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