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Birth Control Horror Stories.

I am currently on 3.75mg of Lupron Depot to treat endometriosis. My GYN said that after I am done with my 6 months of treatment he would like to put me on Depot Provera   BC. He said that if I wasn't sure about Depot that we could discuss other BC options as well. So I decided to Google some info and see what my options were regarding BC.

OMG so far I don't want to go on any form of BC because off all the complete horror stories I have come across. I don't even want the Depot Provera shot because almost all the women make it sound like the Devil himself created that drug. Then I read all the stories about the weight gain, bitchiness, violent mood swings, hair loss, migraines, etc etc. with other forms of BC that I just don't know what to do!

I had the Mirena IUD put in this past May and had it taken out within a month because I became very ill. My current gyn thinks this was because of all the endo and enlarged ovaries that were undetected along with the new added hormones that caused my problems. I still don't want it back in though. On the plus side I have also heard horror tales about the Lupron that I'm currently on and I've had no side effects at all.

I'm just so stressed out because I really wanted to go on the shot BC because I'm horrible at taking pills, but the side effects seem terrible and A LOT of women seem to suffer from them . The thing is I have to be on something that stops my periods due to my endo.

So do you guys have any advice? Should I just see how the shot affects me? Any positive experiences regarding the shot? I'm sorry, but all the surgery and learning I had endo is still such a shock because I've never had problems before and now I feel so unhealthy and stressed.
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Goth, the first thing to remember when reading online accounts about birth control is that very rarely will anyone praise anything....but the -second- that something goes wrong, a person will complain.

Point blank, for every horror story you read, there are hundreds of success stories, but there is no reason to write those, is there?  Don't fret so much over other people's experiences, try to remember that every woman is different, and that you have a doctor who keep an eye on your progress.
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i was on depo from age 17 until just recently. and i may have had symptms related to the shot but they are so subtle it is easy to mistake them for something else. example: headaches, acne, stomache pain, irritability and mood swings. these things cannot easily be connected to anything. personaly i did not experience wieght gain or loss or hair loss. i did have a nasty experience which i described earlier on this same forum; but it was never properly investigated and i had no choice but to just move on with my life.
besides this, i would have to say i had a fairly good experience with depo overall; i say this because it stopped my periods and i really liked that "side affect" however, since i have missed my last shot in september, ive been having my period for five weeks with various levels of spotting and color. I am worried i might be pregnant because my hormones are all out of wack and i am having pregnancy symptoms.
basically its different with every woman and maybe you should give it a chance. peace!
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You might just want to try the depo shot. It works differently for everyone. I know people who love it. Me on the other hand, hated it. That's when I looked online and saw all the lawsuits, complaints going on with it. I decided after a year of torture, I stopped. But, you never know, you might love it, it all depends. You'll know how it affects you by the time your due for your second shot, if you don't like it, don't get it .
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