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Birth Control IUD stops period??? Someone help

So I gave birth to my daughter last November. I received the IUD birth control right after. I missed my period and didn't get it again until January. Now I've been intimate twice since then but both times ( were protected) and I breast feed sometimes as well and it hasn't returned ever since. I also feel a cramping sensation at times in my body, I took over 5 pregnancy tests and they're all negative and I'm honestly freaking out... Can someone please give me insight as to what could be occuring I'm so anxious.
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This is understandable that you are nervous. I actually didn't get my period for a full year after I gave birth due to breast feeding.  No birth control used!  AND you have an IUD which often will cause this too.  I got my period after I stopped nursing actually during the weaning process.  Is your IUD hormonal? If so, this would be pretty typical.  You can always check in with your doctor about this too.  
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If you took 5 pregnancy tests, you certainly aren't pregnant, so probably your body is still adjusting to having had a baby. If you're breast feeding that could also help explain why your periods are AWOL.
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